The differences that exist between furniture function and form is much greater than many realize. Leather sofas are different than recliner chairs, and a sleeper couch is nothing like a futon. Even between sofas there exists an obvious difference in style and function. Deciding which type of sofa to choose for several types of rooms and different functional needs can be extremely difficult.

Sofas labeled catnapper, and sofas that are made of leather are the two standard choices for room decoration. Although some prefer leather for every room, having different furniture for different purposes can make guests more comfortable, give you more choices, and make each room in your house unique.

First, decide what purpose your furniture will have. For those who are simply looking for a decorative piece, leather furniture is a good idea. These couches hold up well over time, are easy to clean, and can give a classy feeling to any room in which they are placed. They are not, however, an all purpose sort of furniture. Those who have cats with claws, dogs that chew, or even a more directly sunlit room might want to consider a type of furniture other than leather.

Direct sunlight can discolor any type of fabric, but it is especially harsh on leather. Probably the worst part of leather furniture is the heat which it absorbs. Leather furniture is notoriously sticky in warm and humid climates, and can become incredibly uncomfortable on a hot, summer day. Those that live in a warmer climate should consider choosing catnapper sofas that have upholstery. With a large selection of colors and styles, upholstery furniture is as versatile as many other choices. If you still do not see the color scheme you are looking for, consider trying out wood-trimmed furniture as well.

Catnapper types of furniture many times work well in a foyer or a library and tend to be somewhat comfortable. The positives of this furniture include space saving construction, unique style, and the ability to comply to various needs. For those with back pains and other issues, a sofa such as this might be the right option, but so might a recliner of some sort.

There are, however, a few down sides. Not all rooms are built for such a piece of furniture. If you are more concerned about the ability to seat many people, you should stick to a traditional sofa or sofa set for the decoration of your room. Think form and function, not just one or the other.

Seating is a big issue for most rooms. A foyer is much different than a living room or great room, and not all sofas can fill a room in the way that you need them to. Leather sofas tend work for larger rooms because they can fill an area better than an upholstered couch. These large sofas can seat as many as four, and take up enough room that you will not have to purchase extra furniture. If you are in the market for large seating and room filling pieces, it might be a good idea to invest in some leather furniture.

Although leather pieces can be scratched rather easily, they do not hold hair as much as some other furniture pieces. If you have a few cats that are de-clawd or well-behaved, a leather couch can save you quite a bit of time and hassle. Most fabrics hold in hair, but leather tends to shrug such hair quite easily. A quick wipe-down can easily remove weeks of hair, while vacuuming, shampooing, and professional cleaning are all necessary for most other types of furniture.

Catnapping sofas can be found in leather, but the odds are that a leather option will not be the most comfortable. Leather is sticky and somewhat noisy for a sleeping or napping type of furniture. The best advice for figuring out what you want is to try the piece. If you can find a place that will let you sit on a few sofas, you might be able to get a good idea of what sort of firmness level you are looking for. Decorating your rooms is an important task, so take time in finding the furniture that is right for you.