The first thing you want to do is choose a granite company that’s trusted and well-known. If you need assistance, ask friends or relatives who have used granite countertops to give you recommendations. It’s also helpful to read a few customer reviews of different granite companies in your area to see what they think about the company’s prices and quality of products. Also send e-mails to local contractors to find out which granite companies offer the best products because they have some experience in working with granite companies.

Examine the quality of the granite before you purchase the granite and have the countertop installed. Have the sales clerk explain whether the granite you’re purchasing is heat-resistant, waterproof and weather-resistant because these are the marks of a quality granite countertop. Get a sample of this granite and drop some water on it or hold it outside in the sun to check for quality. Another thing you can do is find a hard surface and drop the granite sample on it to see if it’s durable or if it easily breaks. This is an important step as there are many different qualities of granite on the market.

As for the color of the granite countertop, you should use a color that suits the rest of the room’s main color scheme and style. You may like black granite for the kitchen countertop but if the kitchen is already black and white, it may be better to choose red or brown granite for the countertop because it adds some color to the kitchen. Or you may like white granite but if most of the bathroom is white, choose gray granite for the countertop. You should also choose a color that you will want to look at for a long time.

If you plan to order and install custom-made granite countertops, you need to make sure the installers have some years of expertise and experience in this kind of work. Ask the contractor if his workers are licensed and insured, and if they speak English very well. You also want to look at samples of his previous work and get recommendations from his former clients. Also ask to see his portfolio of custom granite countertops so you’ll see if he has a wide variety of styles to choose from. Never pay for the project before the work begins and always have the contract in writing. The contract should state the details of the project, the cost and when the project will be completed.

Granite countertops are better than other types of countertops for the kitchen because they’re made of natural material, are durable, come in great designs and colors, and are easy to clean and maintain. Depending on where you go, the cost of ordering and installing a granite countertop is also affordable. Granite countertops add a modern and elegant look to your kitchen, and you don’t have to worry about heavy stains ruining them because they’re heat resistant. 

Where To Buy Granite Countertops

One good place to buy  granite countertops is the local home improvement store. Many local home improvement stores carry various types of granite and you can get a discount periodically. When you visit the local home improvement store, it would be a good idea to take pictures of the area where you plan to install the  granite because this gives the sales clerk an idea of how you want the whole room to look with the granite. Also research this granite in order to help the sales clerk if he or she isn’t knowledgeable of this material.

Another place to buy  granite countertops is the online retailers. When you purchase the  granite from an online retailer, you should read reviews of certain retailers from customers so you’ll see how well the retailer does as it relates to the price, service and quality of the products. It also helps to view photos of each online retailer’s for granite so see if it’s of good quality. Ask the customer service representative about their shipping fees and refund and return policies.

Granite can be purchased at local hardware wholesalers that carry wide selections in large quantities at affordable prices. This is a good choice if you’re a contractor who needs large supplies of  granite for a project. Find out if the wholesaler offers a discount for contractors because this saves you plenty of money on your purchase .Popular home goods wholesalers can also explain to you the proper ways of installing and maintaining your granite if they have years of experience in working on home improvement projects so if you’re a homeowner who wants to do this yourself, take advantage of their expertise.

If a local department store has a hardware section, find out if they sell  granite and the cost of it. This is a good idea because department stores often have decent bargains on all kinds of items, including hardware. Before you purchase the  granite, inspect if for chipped pieces, stains and any excess dirt on it.

If you’re attending a home show at a local civic center, ask some of the home improvement vendors if they’re selling granite. You can also ask them which rooms your particular granite would work best in and how you should clean and maintain it. This helps you decide whether your choice of granite would be a good choice.

Another way to buy  granite is to attend garage sales. Some of the homeowners in your neighborhood do their own home renovations and they may have some leftover  granite that will be just enough for the project you’re working on. Always inspect the granite before you purchase it, and ask the seller when they purchased the granite.

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