The Internet is a great place to research hair systems for women. By searching online, an individual can find literally every type and style made of these and many at bargain prices. The online search will also bring to light the many different methods for attaching these, which will help in choosing the correct one.

The advances in technology have made these hairpieces not only more affordable but also longer lasting. There are many synthetic materials nowadays that look and feel like real hair but will withstand the day-to-day use much better. There is also the option of getting custom-made hairpieces from real hair that is harvested just for that purpose.

Older style hair systems for women tended to look unrealistic and were generically produced to fit a multitude of people, rather than a custom fit. The custom hairpieces are fit on an individual basis to insure a perfect and very natural looking fit. This does not mean necessarily that a trip to an office will need to be made.

Each of the suppliers and manufacturers that will be found online has what they call a "fitting" kit, which can be sent directly to a home. This kit contains sections of the backing material and hair samples to allow an individual to match the section needing hair replacement with what is in the kit. This helps the manufacturer determine what type of hairpiece is being searched for and also the type of materials that are most comfortable. Comfort is a very important aspect in choosing a hair system, as the wearer will generally use their hair piece for a large portion of each day, if not full time.

Once the selections are made, the kit is returned to the manufacturer with all the necessary information to allow them to create a custom hairpiece. Throughout this process, each of the manufacturers will have a representative available to assist an individual in the fitting and answer any questions someone may have. These representatives are available by phone or email and in some cases, a live chat feature right on their website.