Whether you are planning on having a Halloween party, hosting a Halloween dinner, or just wanting to decorate your home for the holiday, finding the right Halloween table decorations is essential. The dining room table is one of the essential pieces of the home and it is where families gather. So it is the perfect place to focus on as you celebrate the end of October.

halloween table decorations

Halloween Tablecloth

Choosing a good Halloween tablecloth is important if you are having people over for a meal or drinks. It isn't necessarily something that you want to use all of the time, though, so it isn't essential. There are several different ways you can go with this, depending on how you want to decorate.

If you have a young child who is inviting some friends over for a little party, you'll definitely want to purchase a cheap plastic tablecloth to protect your furniture from spills and messes. There are a lot of age appropriate options, with friendly witches, bats, ghosts, and black cats.

If you are entertaining teens or adults, you might want to go with something a little more frightening. A white tablecloth with some blood on it is a quick and cheap way to set a gory atmosphere. You can buy one of these or just take a cheap white tablecloth and make your own.

Another way to set the mood is to go more for gothic than scary. Go ahead and get out your finest ivory or cream tablecloth that you usually only pull out for Christmas dinner. A white lace cloth is also really good for this.

Halloween Table Runners

If you don't want to have a tablecloth out for a month, consider getting Halloween table runners. Since these don't cover the whole table, they are often a better option and can be set out all season rather than just for a dinner or a party.

Your have several choices for Halloween table runners. You can go with cute and friendly, gory and scary, or moody and elegant. Any that are made for fall, with orange leaves and pumpkins decorating them is also a good choice.

Halloween Candles

Candles are essential home décor at any time, and this is extra true with fall as the days get short and colder. No matter what kind of candle you place on the table, the flickering light will add a mysterious atmosphere. If you are going with a Gothic look, you can use plain white or black candles. Creepy candles can be bought that are in the shape of skulls.

If you are trying for a friendlier Halloween atmosphere, try scented candles. If you haven't already, it's time to pack up the floral scents that are so good in spring and summer. Pick up some of the autumn blends at the store with names such as fall leaves and hayride. You can also go for specific scents such as pumpkin pie, mulberry spice, gingersnap, and cinnamon spice.

Creepy Halloween Centerpieces

The centerpiece is the most important of all the Halloween table decorations. What you choose will set the mood. Several people like to buy or make creepy Halloween centerpieces. Skulls and severed heads are a popular choice. You can also go with other body parts, such as hands or organs. Not real ones, of course, but props that you can make or sell.

Another creepy but more appetizing centerpiece idea is a cemetery. You can buy a cemetery centerpiece or make some tombstones on your own. This is a great choice if you want to have something spooky but still appropriate for kids.

Family-Friendly Halloween Centerpieces

While some people love the gory nature of this holiday, others prefer to pass on that aspect. Fortunately there are a ton of family-friendly Halloween centerpieces that you can buy or make. Pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns are two of the best ones. These can be real pumpkins, plastic, or even made of paper. Black cats are another good idea for a centerpiece that is suitable for all ages.


If you are having a party, you'll want to pick up some Halloween napkins. For a kids' party, pick up some cute paper ones with bats or cats on them. If you are having adult guests, you might want to use cloth napkins. Not only are these better for the environment, they help give your dinner a unique atmosphere.

Also make sure that you have enough plates and cups to go around. If you don't, you'll want to pick up some paper ones from the store. These things can also be bought with a Halloween theme, if you choose to do so.

Halloween Table Sprinkles

Halloween table sprinkles are pretty cool, but they can also be messy. Table sprinkles are like pieces of confetti in different shapes like spiders, eyeballs, or skeleton parts. The good thing about them is that they are a cheap and fun way to decorate your table at Halloween. The bad thing is that you might be cleaning them up for ages after your party unless you are careful to keep them in the center of the table.

Getting Halloween table decorations doesn't have to be expensive. There are a lot of small and cheap things that can brighten up your home for this fall holiday. Many things, such as candles and tablecloths, can be reused either next year or throughout the season. Don't be afraid to get creative with items that you already have and try to theme your table together instead of having random decorations.

Another thing you want to keep in mind is that you can make a lot of decorations yourself. If you have kids, enlist their help and make it a family project. You can set aside a Saturday afternoon to work on these together. Creative moms and dads can probably come up with projects on their own. If you're like me, you would do better to get a book from the library or bookstore that has some Halloween craft projects that you and your children can do together. All you will need is some basic crafting supplies like construction paper, safety scissors, and glue. Once you are done, you can enjoy the Halloween table decorations that you made for the rest of the season.