Create inspiration in your home office

When it comes to choosing colors for your home office, it is advised that you avoid cutting corners. This is based mainly on the fact that the color you choose goes a long way to impact on your mood. Yes, colors have enormous effect on our energies, creativity and mood on daily basis. Therefore, in order to choose the right color for that home office, two things should be put into consideration.

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They are:

  • Your Personality: It all boils down to the type of person you are. Are you the type that finds it difficult to get out of bed in the mornings and getting most of your work done? If yes, then what you need is orange or yellow as the main color. If on the other hand you are the type of person whose mind is always at work, traveling faster than it should, then it would do you a whole lot of good to opt for soft blue to calm your nerves and help you focus on the day’s work. Is your day characterized with humming fax machines, continuously ringing telephones and lots more, then cool the environment and your nerves with pale green. Choosing the color that blends seamlessly with your temperament goes a long way to make your day fulfilling and worthwhile.
  • Your Office Furniture: This is the second factor to be considered when it comes to choosing colors for your home office. A lot of us do not know this but when it comes to the style and design of your home or home office, the furniture plays a vital role. If for example the furniture is made of dark colors like mahogany or cherry, then you should settle for deep orange or warm yellow to achieve a soothing work environment. If on the other hand your furniture is of maple or birch which are known to be light-colored woods, the best colors for your walls should blue or green.
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  • The office space: If your home office space is tight, it will help for you to go for light colored furniture and also paint the colors with light colors. This tends to make the office look bigger. If however, your office is very large, it is appropriate to use dark colored furniture while the walls are painted in dark shades to complement the furniture. This way, the walls of the office are pulled in and they no longer seem to be too large.

With all these tips on choosing colors for your home office, I hope it will help you to choose the perfect color for home office since it will go a long way to inspire you and make your day more productive than you have ever known.