A new paint color is an inexpensive way to refresh a room. There are hundreds of color choices available at paint stores, so you might not know which one will work in your space. Choose the right paint color for your space by taking into account the architecture and lighting in your home.

How to Pick Paint Colors for Your House Interior

Want to know how to choose paint colors for your home interior? Create a design board. Include samples of fabric in the room, such as from your sofa, and the color of your flooring. Take into account the color of any existing rooms that you can see from the space so that your home flows. Include the color of any appliances that you are keeping in the space. Choose a wall color that coordinates with all of the existing features in your home so the color doesn't seem out of place.

One of the best painting color tips is to try it out. Looking at paint colors in rooms is essential. Lighting will affect how the paint color looks in your space. If you want to use a dark paint color, place it in a room with large windows. The windows will let in light and break up the wall space. Lighter colors may seem washed out in a room with a lot of direct sunlight.

Take your wall paint chips home before deciding on a color. This gives you a totally different take on your paint color combinations. Interiors in your home will have different lighting than the paint store. Tape several chips to the wall to get an idea of how the color looks in your space. Some hardware stores provide larger paint chips with a self adhesive backing. Your paint store may offer a test sample of paint for a few dollars so you can paint swatches of your top color choices before making a decision.

If you are decorating around an inspiration piece such as fabric or artwork, pull a color from the material. Take your inspiration piece to the paint store where staff can scan the exact color for you. Look closely at your piece to see the nuances of colors instead of picking the most prevalent one. Choose one of the more subtle colors so that your inspiration piece pops.

Looking at a small paint chip can be deceiving sometimes. A bold color can seem daring and inventive until you get it on the wall. Then your room may feel small and claustrophobic. Think about your personal space when choosing a paint color instead of what you see in decorating magazines. Determine how much color your room can handle by considering the size of the room, the height of the ceiling and how much light you get in the space. Try an accent wall in red or purple for a pop of color in a small room.