Medicare Supplement Plans are supplementary insurance policies to Medicare. Medicare insurance covers most, but not all, of the medical costs that you may incur. Medicare Supplement Plans bridge the gap that is left behind in the original Medicare policy.

In order to be cleared of your medical bills completely, you need a Medicare Supplement Plan.

Medicare Supplement health insurance plans that are completely administered and sold by the private insurance companies, not the government. However, the government has defined twelve standard Medicare Supplement Plans. These are lettered A through L. All these plans provide different levels of benefits and coverage.

Because coverage is defined by the levels A through L, plans under the same letter cover is bound to provide the same benefits irrespective of which insurance companies sell them. The cost of the premium may differ by company. Therefore it important to go through the offer documents of all the plans from A through L before deciding to choose the one right for you.

Searching online is way to find different Medicare Supplement Policies. By following links you can obtain rates by simply completing an online quote on the Internet. You will receive an email back with quote comparison. Then you can decide the one most suitable policy for you with the help of your agent. After deciding on a policy you need to submit a simple application and you can get your policy documents within a few days.

Anybody who is the beneficiary of the Original Medicare Part A and B plans can enroll themselves for a Medigap plan. However, If this is all confusing to you, seek the assistance of an insurance agent. They can help you compare the Medicare Supplement rates and the benefits of the Medigap plans offered by the various insurance companies. Still, you need to be careful choosing your Medicare Supplement Plans.

Go through all the plans and study the coverage and the benefits offered by each plan. Only then can you decide which one would work the best for you. It may be that buying a comprehensive plan is the best choice. Even though it may cost you few dollars more per month, it may result in saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars per year in coinsurance and deductibles.

Another thing to consider is that it is always better to get enrolled for a Medicare Supplement Plan within the first thirty days after getting Medicare. This way you can get improved coverage at a better rate.