Do you wish to own a log cabin but are worried about the finances? Then you can look at some options like the mini cabin kits or mini log cabins which can serve your purpose as well provide you with good saving. Instead of going for the full scale log cabins look for mini cabins which can be purchased for low prices and still give you the unique feel of living in your own log cabin. Most of these mini cabins are in the size of about 80-320 square feet. They can be ideally used for purposes like hunting cabins, weekend retreats, backyard playhouse etc. Some people like to use them as storage sheds, workrooms, campground resort cabins etc.

Though small in size they can accommodate essential items like a bedroom, kitchen, bath, dining corner and a porch. These mini cabins can be easily built on flat concrete slabs, wooden skids and piers. If you have flat space you can easily build a simple cabin. The cabin kits are very easy to assemble. You may need some basic carpentry skills and a person to assist for building the cabin. When compared to other types of prefabricated cabins the cost is very less too.

Many companies manufacture these kits. Some companies differentiate the normal cabins from the mini varieties using the floor size. Those which are less than 2000 square feet are considered as mini log cabins. However, real mini cabins are just 320 square feet. Each type of manufacturer produces different variety of cabins. No two companies will look alike. So while buying these cabins you need to check the features carefully before finalizing the product. Choose the type which is the most suitable for your requirements. The mini cabin kits offered by each company also varies from each other.

If you wish to increase the area of your cabin you can as well utilize the basement. Though this could increase the total costs you can enjoy more space and use the basement area for making your master suite or your office room etc. it depends on the plan of your cabin. You can also add additional features like a fireplace etc but with additional costs. The foundation of your cabin is also very important. It is better to use concrete foundations for a strong base. This can increase the strength and durability of the cabin for many years.

If you are planning to purchase the mini cabin kits from other states then it may increase the overall expenditure in the form of transportation charges. In order to reduce this you can look for them with your local retailer. This can save you from extra charges and get your things delivered to you easily on the site. Before deciding on the first manufacturer you come across it is better to shop around first and see various models. Compare the prices and features and see which suits your budget and other requirements. Check the quality of the materials used and their guarantee while buying. All these will help you to find the best mini log cabin.