Niche Selection

How To Choose Niches for Blogs

Niche blogging is becoming more and more popular. Some people write blogs in a specific topic area because they are simply interested in writing on that particular niche topic. Other people turn to blogging in a specific niche because they are hoping to monetize their blogs and they understand that niche blogging (and using advertising on their niche blogs) is a way to make money on a blog. Whatever your particular reasons may be for starting a blog in a particular niche or subject area, this article contains a step by step plan for selecting a niche about which to write. 

Your first step is to make a list of your greatest interests and passions in life. For instance, if you have always had pets and you enjoy writing about what it is like to care for animals, you may want to include this particular interest on your list of possible niche topics. Give the list a great deal of thought and try to come up with at least five or ten possible niche subjects.

After creating your list of five to ten possible niches, your second step is to narrow down this list to your absolute first choice. This can be difficult and it does require some thought. The reason it is so important to choose a topic you adore is that you must enjoy writing numerous blog posts on the topic you choose. In other words, if you were to choose a niche that bores you or that fails to inspire you as a writer, odds are you won’t want to write several blog posts about it. 

After selecting your very top choice for a topic for your blog, your next step is to write an initial blog post on the particular topic you have chosen. Before posting it in your actual blog, however, you will want to draft this initial post in a word or text document. This way you can do any necessary revisions before actually cutting and pasting the post into your new blog. While composing this initial post, pay close attention to how you feel when writing it. Is the writing process enjoyable? Can you see yourself writing several most posts on this particular topic? Writing this initial post is part of the niche selection process because this is the step when you get a good sense of how it feels to write posts in a given subject area. If you feel like the writing process is flowing well for you, and if you can visualize yourself writing several more posts on the subject, this means that you have chosen a good niche topic for your blog.

If your first attempt or two at choosing a topic for a niche blog does not go well, do not give up. Simply brainstorm a new set of potential blog topics and start the process all over again. Remember that picking good topics for a niche blog can take some getting used to, especially if you have never done it before.