An oak cabinet can be your least expensive option for natural wood. However, this makes it seem a little bit cheap and it's very common. It's really become outdated for much more expensive wood finishes. However, you can still turn what you already have in your kitchen or bathroom into something quite extraordinary.

One thing that you might want to do is just remove a lot of contrast in the room. Usually this can really seem to dominate the space. You can just bring in a lot of neutral tones that aren't going to have all of the contrast that a white wall color would. In fact, this is one of the few ways that you can really upgrade this into a very popular Tuscan design style. Bring in a lot of oil rubbed bronze finishes. You can also experiment with glass mosaic tiles. These can be very modern elements and can be one of your more expensive backsplash options. However, you can also really just bring in a lot of different reds, oranges, and browns with just one piece. This way all of the bright colors won't overwhelm the room, but it still does give your oak cabinet something to relate to.

If you are really buying a kitchen oak cabinet then you might want to consider going with an updated version. This can have more the feeling of an antique oak cabinet. In fact, it can have a lot of beautiful molding on it. It should have a lot of rosettes as well. This can be one of your least expensive options but it really does change up how people think about oak. It can be very elegant instead of very country and it's a way that you can add a lot of character to your home even if you live in a brand new house.

You can also really consider going with this for storage. In this case, corner oak cabinets can be perfect for DVD storage. Another option would be just to go for more of a library card catalog feeling. This is one of the most popular and expensive options that you can find now. However a lot of libraries are actually getting rid of their card catalogs because everything is digital. This means that you can get one of these pieces quite inexpensively if you're willing to go on a little bit of the hunt.

You'll also really want to pay attention to an old antique tool chest. You can clean this up. The great thing about both of these pieces is that it does use so much hardware. This is really going to be the main focal point of the piece instead of just your basic oak grain which can be a little bit overpowering times.

When you go for oak cabinet doors you might want to consider going for more of a modern farmhouse style. Really the farmhouse style has come back with vengeance. You might really want to invest in a farmhouse sink. This can bring a lot of white into the space. It also really takes the eye away from the wood cabinetry and creates a dramatic focal point thats still neutral.