Purchasing office bookcases might at first seem like a simple task, but buying the right bookcase to suit your office takes a fair amount of forethought and planning to purchase the most cost and space-efficient option. Here's a quick guide to the different types of bookcases and office storage that you might come across during your search.

Fixed or Adjustable?

All bookcases can be divided into two categories – fixed and adjustable. Traditional solid wooden bookcases commonly have fixed height shelves, but modern office bookcases are usually constructed so that the purchaser can fix the bookcase with the most appropriate shelving heights for their needs. If you're looking for a space-saving or versatile bookcase, opt for adjustable shelving – that way you're not left with redundant bookshelf space.

Open Storage Office Bookcases

Open Storage Bookcase

By far the most common bookcases on sale are open storage bookcases, also known as open shelf bookcases. If you're on a budget, this type of bookshelf is your best option.

Tambour Bookshelf or Tambour Cupboard

Tambour Bookcase

Tambour bookshelves are basically bookcases or open storage that also have a sliding doors or pull-down covers or rolltops. Tambour office bookcases are available as both horizontal and vertical units.

In a modern office, a tambour cupboard is often used as a secure filing unit, usually constructed from steel with lockable doors. Some tambour office bookcases may also be available in a wooden finish. When in use, the sliding doors can be compactly slid away, so are effective at maximising storage capacity in small spaces. A tambour bookshelf can not only provide shelving for books and document box files, but many also come with drawers and file hanging space.

Revolving Bookcases

If you're short for space, then a revolving tower bookcase should be a consideration. Essentially revolving bookcases are storage towers consisting of round shelves fixed to a central pivot, fixed to a solid base. Typically, the shelves will rotate simultaneously, although some higher end models might include independently rotating shelves. Revolving bookcases are most suited to file storage, although they can also house books and journals.

Open/Closed Storage Bookcases

An example of closed storage

You may come across the term 'open/closed storage bookcase'. This basically refers to a style of bookcase that can be sold with or without the optional doors over the bookshelves (open storage or closed storage). The optional panels can be solid, or constructed with reinforced frosted or clear glass.