Planning a special party for a group of preschoolers may sound fun, but it won't be long before you realize that games and preschoolers don't always mesh well. Even though these fun activities are staples of any birthday party or outing, preschoolers often lack the skills to handle activities that are competitive. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to incorporate fun activities into your classroom party without having meltdowns.

When planning preschool party games, stick to those that are non-competitive and easy to follow. Steer clear of activities that define winners or losers, as well as activities that include serious tasks, such as trying to glue small pieces onto a craft project. Above all, you want to choose activities that are fun and engaging for young children, allowing them to get to know each other. Crafts that can be worn or eaten are always great places to start.

preschool party games (36157)In order to set the stage with three and four year olds, choose several ice breakers that can help kids get acquainted with one another. Choose several ice breaker activities for kids that are carefree and fun, and plan to do one or all of them depending on the atmosphere of the gathering. For preschoolers, it's best to have them sit or stand in a circle so that they can see each other. You can have them toss a ball to one another, saying each other's names in the process, or you can ask questions and have the kids sit down or stand up when something you say relates to them. For example, ask questions about who has a pet hamster or sibling at home.

Openers are a great way to start off an occasion, but it's the party games that will make the day a success. If you're looking for activities that are easy to plan, but sure to be a hit, consider workinparty games for preschoolers (36158)g in a variety of kids carnival games. These activities can be made on your own, which allow you to stay within a reasonable budget. If planning a classroom event, allow the preschoolers to help create the booths.

Choose contests that are easy for three and four year olds to follow, such as a bean bag toss, fishing pond, or mini golf. Other fun carnival games for kids include a duck pond or face painting, which will need the supervision of an adult. Also be sure to reward all the children with a prize for participating. With no winners or losers, preschoolers will surely be leaving your special event with smiles on their faces!