Choosing profitable keywords for your articles can be difficult for many people. There are many different things that you should consider while trying to decide which keywords you would like to use in your articles. Keywords are what make up your articles and help bots understand what your article is about. Using the right keywords can help you drive more traffic to your articles and potentially make you much more money. There are many different free tools that you can use to help you choose which keywords you would like to use in your articles like the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and Wordtracker Free Keyword Tool. I personally only use the Google Adwords keyword tool because I feel like it gives me enough information to decide if a keyword is profitable or not.

To use the Google Adwords keyword tool, just type in any keyword and then scroll down to see different statistics for that particular keyword. You can click the drop down menu to show different statistics like average cost per click (CPC), average monthly search volume, advertiser competition, etc. The average cost per click will give you an estimated amount that each advertiser pays Google for each click on their ad. This is not the amount of money that you will get for each click but it will give you a better understanding for which keywords are profitable and which ones are not. You will also want to look at the average monthly search volume to see how popular each keyword is. If you find a keyword that has a very high CPC but a very low search volume, you will most likely not make that much money off of it unless there is very low competition for that particular keyword. There are many different factors to consider when searching for keywords for your articles and each one is very important.

The key to finding profitable keywords is to find ones that have high cost per click (CPC), high monthly search volume and low competition. There are millions of people producing new content on the internet every day so it may be hard to find these keywords but you will want to find some sort of medium. Take some time and do some research to find profitable keywords for your articles so that you can get the most out of your time. You could write 100 articles that make the same amount of money that 1 article would make with proper keyword research. Even if you want to write articles about what you already know, do a little bit of research and see which keywords in that topic are profitable and plug them in to your article so that you can potentially make more money.