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Wedding is the most anticipated, happiest, most unforgettable moment in a couple's lives. This can only happen once in a lifetime which is why it needs to be extravagant and perfect. Many preparations need to be made for a wedding. These include the venue, wardrobe, wedding favors, place of reception and the one that gains much attention from the guests– the wedding decorations.

Surely, the wedding planner already knows this and has many wedding flower ideas running through her mind. All that she could think ever think of is to make the event extra special and memorable to the couple and guests. An excellent way to attain this is by choosing purple wedding flowers for the occasion.

Couples seldom choose the color purple as the theme to their weddings which is why it is so unique. To be able to appreciate purple more, it would be great to know what the color symbolizes. The color purple symbolizes prosperity, abundance, joy, nobility and royalty and excellency. For this reason, it would really be nice to make purple as theme to a couple's wedding and to embellish the event with purple wedding flowers. There are numerous purple flowers that can be chosen from which are ideal for the event like; hyacinths, purple lilies, orchids, etc. If the flowers have already been chosen, then it's about time for the planner to make some wedding flower arrangements.

It is not enough to just make flower arrangements and place purple wedding flowers everywhere on the venue. It is also important to make sure that they match with the other decorations wonderfully. The bride's bouquet, the wedding favors, the wedding cakes, the wedding centrepieces, the wreaths and drapes are what need to be considered. It doesn't mean that all shades of purple should be scattered all over the event, what's important is that it should be placed properly and an organized manner. To help the planner make decisions regarding what other colors can blend well with the color purple, here are some suggestions. Lime green, yellow and white can really be amazing contrasts for the color purple. To complement the color purple, maroon and green are highly suggested. To achieve the most beautiful fall wedding flowers, it would be best to combine purple flowers with brown shades.

The bride's bouquet is also one of the major considerations. White had always been used as the color for the bride's bouquet ever since before. However, if the couple would really want their wedding to stand out and be different from other weddings, purple wedding flowers would be the ideal choice. The bride's bouquet would surely be a vision especially if is contrasted with bright colors such as yellow or lime green. To make sure that purple flowers are available in the couple's location, it is highly recommended to seek help from a florist. After all has been planned carefully and finalized, I am sure that the wedding would be marvellous! Wouldn't it be nice to know that the event has become not only a wonderful occasion but also a memory worth reminiscing due to the magic of purple wedding flowers?