The holiday season is all about decorating your house with Christmas accessories and having fun with your loved ones! And when it comes to Christmas decorations, an artificial tree is an absolute must!

But the question is, do you want a tree that looks completely fake?

Probably not!

That is why you should really try to get your hands on a realistic artificial Christmas tree! One that does not require any maintenance, but looks completely real! However, this task isn’t as easy as it seems! The majority of artificial trees do not come close to looking realistic. You will really have to do some searching to get your hands on one that has the right qualities!

With that being said, you should make sure that you take into account everything that is listed below. By doing so, you will ensure that you get the most realistic-looking artificial Christmas tree!

Getting A Tree With Realistic Foliage

I will be absolutely honest with you and tell you that this is the most crucial aspect of a realistic-looking tree!

Artificial trees with realistic foliage will be densely branched, have many pine needles sticking out of those branches, and will include strategically placed imperfections. No tree is free of flaws in the real world, so realistic artificial trees will include those flaws!

A realistic looking Christmas tree will include enough branches to cover the trunk but still have enough room for some ornaments!

You can take a look at the densely branched artificial trees on Amazon! There is a good chance that they will have something that suits your needs!

Create A Realistic-Smelling Tree With Some Sprayable Pine Scent

Most people will know whether a Christmas tree is real or fake immediately upon walking into someone’s house. The strong smell of pine makes this absolutely possible.

What if I told you that there was a way to fake the scent of pine?

Spray the tree with some sprayable pine scent, and you will have created a realistic artificial  Christmas tree!

Some of the best sprayable pine scents can be found on Amazon!

Sprinkle Some Real Pine Needles On The Floor Around The Christmas Tree

Another immediate sign of a real Christmas tree is the bunch of pine needles that can always be found spread underneath the tree! That means that you can “fake” the effect of a real holiday tree by sprinkling pine needles underneath the tree!

The best way to do this is to go for a quick walk around your neighbourhood and grab handfuls of pine needles from the trees that you see. Your neighbours shouldn’t get mad if you are only taking a handful of needles from their tree!

You can try to be daring by taking many handfuls of pine needles from a single tree, but I wouldn’t recommend that...unless you want some ANGRY neighbours!

Sprinkle those needles around the bottom of your tree, and you will have definitely created the “realistic Christmas tree” look with your artificial one!

Don`t Go For A Pre-Lit Tree...They Look Really Fake

This one goes without saying. There isn’t a single tree in the world that has Christmas lights embedded in it, so a pre-lit Christmas tree would look as artificial as possible! I know that pre-lit trees save you the hassle of hanging strings of lights around the tree; however, people that are looking for realistic artificial Christmas trees should avoid them at all costs!

You shouldn’t be too disappointed with this one because pre-lit trees completely hinder your ability to customize their appearance. Christmas isn’t about taking a tree out of a box and plugging it’s about spending a few hours decorating the tree with your friends and family members!

Combine All Of The Above Ideas To Make One Of The Most Realistic-Looking Artificial Christmas Trees!

Let’s be honest, the lazy part of your brain wants to use only one of the ideas that were listed above; it would be very easy to buy an artificial pine tree and throw some loose needles underneath it. However, you should try to use as many of them as possible!

Executing more of these ideas will translate to a more realistic artificial tree!

Christmas is all about decorating your house to the best of your abilities, so don’t skimp out on the tree! Put all of your effort into making your artificial Christmas tree look very realistic, and I can guarantee that you will impress nearly everyone that walks through your front door!

These ideas have helped many people create the most realistic artificial Christmas trees, and there is no doubt that they will help you to do the same!