Choosing Reception seating and lobby seating

Lobby seating and reception seating are very important because most of your clients will spend their time there waiting for someone. Choosing the right chairs for your lobby and reception area can make your clients more comfortable and the waiting less painful. Imagine a job candidate having to wait at your reception area. The least you can do is to give him a little comfort by providing  reception seating. That being said, there is more than that to consider when choosing reception seating and lobby seating.

Choosing reception seating and lobby seating

Contrary to what you might think, the reception is not the same think as the lobby. Well, they do have the same function. The size of your reception area or your lobby area will determine the type of reception seating or lobby seating you will buy. There is also the feel you want for your reception and lobby area to have. Different businesses will decide the reception seating based on this factor. Another fact will be how much budget is available.

Size and feel

There are those who have chosen a sofa for their lobby area or reception area. That is not a bad choice but most companies tend to go for individual chair seating in their reception or lobby. The type of business will also influence the size of your reception. For example, a hospital emergency area is not designed to be comfortable. The reception seatings in hospitals are functional and they should be easy to clean (diseases). If you are going into a massage or health reception or lobby area, the reception seating will be geared towards comfort and well being. Most of the clients visiting a health or massage business are looking for relaxation.  You will not be surprised to see a futon chair in a reception area. You will never see that in a hospital lobby. Generally speaking, reception seating and lobby seating tend to come grouped together.

Where to buy

The Basyx lobby/reception seating is a classic example of a sofa reception chair that you can consider for your lobby or reception area if you want a comfortable and cozy feel. This reception seating furniture will cost $500. The Spec Furniture Sector Beam Half Round Base Armless reception seating or lobby seating can be bought at BizChair for $420. The Spec furniture reception seating is what you will expect to see in a hospital lobby or lounge. This is a function lobby seating furniture that is attached to a beam. That is because of safety reasons and you don’t want some crazy person throwing chairs around and hurting people.

If you want a more trendy reception seating or lobby seating, you can opt for the Le Corbursier leather reception seating and reception chair. This type of reception seating or lobby seating oozes comfort and money. You can get the Le Corbursier leather reception seating at for $680


Best Brands of trendy coffee table for under $100

Buying a trendy coffee table is one thing but getting that trendy coffee table for under $100 is even better. So what are the best brands you can choose in order to get your trendy coffee table for under $100? You can try the Windsomewood brand of coffee table under $100. There is also the walker Edison brand of coffee table. The Avenue Six brand of trendy coffee table is interesting to keep a watchful eye on. There are the Dayva, Linon, Abchomestore brands of coffee tables.

The Walker Edison brand of coffee table that looks really trendy in transparent class can be purchased for $76. The exact name of the Walker Edison brand of trendy coffee table is Walker Edison C38B5 Oval coffee table for under $100.  The Z-line designs Mendocino trendy coffee table for under $100 is square and comes with transparent glass to give your living room furniture more space.  If you want a good brand of trendy coffee table for under $100 that is not square, you can check out Winsome 92219 Genoa coffee table for $97.

Do you prefer a morecontemporary look to your home furniture living room, Enitial Lab single shelf curved leg trendy coffee table for under $100 is worth considering. Well this Enitial trendy coffee table is $99. Technically it is still under $100.