Hair salons and spas need to continually track multiple facets of their business in order to succeed in competitive environments. In the modern computer era, owners and managers of these businesses typically meet their tracking needs with the help of some sort of computer software. However, not all software solutions for salon and spa management produce the same results. The most effective solutions not only let salon and spas track their business details, they also help these businesses grow and improve the services available to their clientele.

On any given day, salon and spa managers and owners must track areas of their businesses that include appointments and other activities conducted by their front desk staff, details of their ongoing inventory, general administrative tasks, commission paid to various employees, point-of sale activity at the business’s register, and the overall financial health of their organization. They must also generate accurate reports on their business activities, process credit card information from customers and market their services effectively to targeted groups of potential customers. Franchise operators and owners with multiple locations have even greater responsibilities and must simultaneously track, coordinate and comprehend information from several different sources.

Most modern software packages designed for spa and salon management do an adequate to excellent job with the basics of information tracking and coordination. However, they are typically reactive solutions that merely record data after the fact, rather than proactive solutions that owners and managers can use to improve their businesses. Truly proactive software packages can help their users achieve a number of tasks that contribute to a business’s overall growth and productivity.

For instance, in addition to tracking employee activity, proactive software solutions can provide front-desk employees with incentives to improve their performance and contribute to the overall success of the business during previously idle minutes between appointments and phone calls. Instead of merely tracking inventory, proactive solutions can easily analyze ongoing sales trends and make recommendations for future product orders. Using proven indicators for identifying growth, proactive software packages for salons and spas can also help owners and managers take advantage of trends within the industry and achieve vital growth-oriented goals such as improving the frequency of customer visits, improving the amount the average customer spends, retaining a prosperous customer base, and motivating commissions-based employees to simultaneously improve the business’ bottom line and increase their personal earnings.

In addition to providing all of these services and opportunities, the best software packages for spas and salons allow their owners and managers to achieve their goals smoothly and painlessly. Important features here include the ability to customize the software for each individual business and situation, extensive training through videos and Internet-based seminars, easy access to support technicians, security features that protect the business at every step, and the ability to securely access the software from different locations whenever necessary. Top software providers also offer subscription package deals that allow their customers to control their costs by choosing their level of service and only purchasing those options that fit their current business needs.