Allowing global shoppers to purchase from your website can significantly boost business growth and subsequently profits. However, to ensure success, businesses should opt for global payment services that offer a rich offering of security features. Such security allows customers' payment information to remain secure during the transmission process. If you are currently in the market for a payment gateway, here are six things to look for when it comes to online payment security:

Fraud Detection – Most reputable global payment services offer a wide variety of fraud detection features which make it easier to detect fraudulent purchases which may end up costing you. Ask a customer representative of services you are considering to explain what specific fraud detection features they offer.

Digital Signatures – A digital signature is an electronic signature which authenticates the identity of a message or payment sender. A digital signature is typically a private code or password known only to the sender, making it essentially hack-proof. While not as common as other security features offered by payment gateways, it is an effective security measure that will ensure the security and protection of customer payments.

Secure Socket Layer – Also commonly known as SSL, a secure socket lawyer provides a high level of security when transmitting information (such as credit card information) over the Internet. Make sure any payment gateway you are considering offers a SSL or comparable feature.

Dynamic IP Protection – Another security feature utilized by many online payment gateways, dynamic IP protection checks and verifies the IP address if it was used previously without incident.

Do Your Homework – One of the best ways to ensure you opt for secure global payment services is to do your research. A little education and first-hand knowledge when it comes to secure online payments will ensure you opt for a payment provider that offers comprehensive protection and security. Use the Internet to research new technologies and features of online payment security. Knowing the latest technology will allow you to select a payment gateway that offers such robust security.

Ask for a Demo – Have a customer representative demonstrate to you how the security features of their product works; this will give you a sound understanding of the product and whether or not it's right for your online business.