Choosing Sheer Foundation Makeup

Sheer Tint Foundation Makeup

Foundation makeup is intended to smooth out rough textured skin tones, cover uneven complexions, hide redness and blemishes, softens scars and other flaws or to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles associated with aging.

There are several types of sheer cover foundation for different skin tones to consider.

Luminous Skin Tint

This sheer foundation makeup provides the lightest coverage available and is most often used as a foundation primer under another foundation. Luminous skin tint sheer foundation contains light reflective particles that offer brightness for even the dullest complexions.

Luminous skin tint can be used as a highlighter for cheeks and brow bones to enhance those features and comes in a variety of tones for lighter or darker complexions.

Sheer Tint Foundation Makeup

Sheer tint foundation contains spf protection from the sun's powerfully damaging uva rays and is ultra light for foundation that won't look or feel heavy on the skin.

Sheer tint coverage is used by women that prefer not to use foundation because of the heaviness typically associated with foundations made of mineral oil base.

Sheer Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup Foundation Makeup

Mineral makeup is the newest rage in foundation popularity due to the absence of chemicals in many cases that provides a smooth, light and sheer coverage.

Mineral makeup is suitable for all skin types and many contain high levels of nutrient rich vitamins to heal and nourish skin as well as minerals from the earth such as mica, zinc oxide.

Mineral makeup is intended to provide coverage of flaws, pimples, fine lines and wrinkles in a smooth and silky finish.

Look for paraben free mineral makeup as more and more companies are removing these controversial ingredients meant to reduce bacteria production.

Mineral makeup is available in several shades to match most skin tones from the lightest to the darkest and mainly comes in powder form.

Liquid mineral makeup is available which offers an additional benefit of easier application without the mess or waste of powder mineral makeup.

Finding Your Best Shade in Sheer Foundation Makeup

The absolute best area of the face to check a color match of foundation is on the base of the jawbone.

Always start with clean hands before accessing any foundation or other makeup since any bacteria on the hands can be transferred into your makeup and onto the face.

Remove a small amount of foundation onto the ring finger or middle finger and apply directly to the lower jaw bone. Blend gently and decide if the color blends effortlessly to the skin.

Avoid oranges, yellows, too light or too dark colors and continue trying foundations until the correct shade will blend without noticing it on the skin. This is the most important step to make sure you find a color and tone that suits your skin.

Purchase different foundations for different times of the year when your skin tone changes due to the season and changes in weather.

For powder foundations, apply with a brush adding a small amount of color to the brush and tap off extra. Add to face in small circular motions and continue to apply until the correct coverage is obtained.

Makeup Primers

Makeup primers are clear substances created to provide a smooth base for sheer coverage foundation application. A makeup primer will not only fill in flaws in the skin but will also help the foundation to last longer throughout the day without touch-ups needed.

Ingredients to Avoid in Sheer Foundation Makeup

Avoid chemicals in foundation and makeup which cause irritation, redness and allergies.

Ingredients to be cautious with are mineral oil, fragrance, animal by-products or irritants.

Check for dangerous chemicals at The Environmental Working Group's website: and type in the name of any brand or company if you're unsure of which ingredients are harmful.

Always keep fresh, updated foundation makeup to minimize bacterial growth and to prevent eye and skin irritations. Store your foundation in the refrigerator for longer lasting freshness of makeup. If you notice changes in your skin condition, discard your makeup and purchase a fresh foundation.

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