Sweetest Day Gift For Him

When you are looking for sweetest day gift ideas for him it does make a difference if the him is a husband, sweetheart or a good friend. Each different relationship requires a somewhat different list of sweetest day gift ideas for him. Sweetest day is basically celebrated in the Midwest. Sweetest day originated in Cleveland, Ohio in 1921. A group of Cleveland confectioners got together and decided it would be celebrated on the third Sunday in October. In 2011 Sweetest Day will be celebrated on October 15th. So when looking for sweetest day gift ideas for him you will need to make a decision by that date.

Grooming Ideas

This is one area of sweetest day gift ideas for him that all men can use in some form or other. If you are familiar with his grooming habits you can supplement them with something along the same line as what he already uses. For example one of the sweetest day gift ideas for him is to expand on his favorite fragrance. If he has a favorite cologne then give him a soap or shampoo in the same fragrance. If he is out in the sun a lot get him a high quality sunscreen with a high SPF.

Fun Ideas

This is an area where you can have some fun too when thinking about sweetest day gift ideas for him. Have you considered a bobble doll? You can get them custom made in his image or in a sports format with his face on it such as a bobble head swinging a baseball bat if that is one of his favorite sports. Gag ideas aren’t the best of the sweetest day gift ideas for him unless it is something that really relates to him. After all sweetest day is to thank him for being so sweet all year to you.

Sports Ideas

If your favorite him loves sports but is having perhaps an issue with his golf swing or his bowling ball is all dinged up then some of the sweetest day gift ideas for him might include something that helps analyze his golf swing like a session with a golf pro who specializes in this type of thing. Or if his bowling ball is junk then upgrade it for him. Just make sure for this one of the sweetest day gift ideas for him is the correct weight. Or upgrade his putter perhaps one with a larger head.

Small Electronics

This is a somewhat pricier category of sweetest day gift ideas for him as small electronics can be expensive. But if you want to splurge you can get him one of the newer 4G phones or some other form of mobile phone perhaps one that is an upgrade from what he already has. If he is one a cell phone plan and he isn’t eligible for an upgrade you will have to pay out some bucks for that phone. Or if he is a reader one of the sweetest day gift ideas for him is a kindle and also get some books downloaded so he can just begin to read.

Personal Items

This is one of the areas where you should know the ‘him’ pretty well because this form of sweetest day gift ideas for him is intended to be personal. One of these sweetest day gift ideas for him might be a massage. This is something many men don’t splurge on for themselves like a woman would. So if the male might enjoy this sort of present then by all means get him a gift certificate for one. Another might be a gift certificate for a foot pedicure. Again many men don’t do this for themselves so it makes a very nice surprise gift.

Ideas For The Yard

Now this arena of sweetest day gift ideas for him is not that personal but some of them may be very useful. Sweetest day gift ideas for him in this category if he enjoys gardening might include a planting pack that includes packets of annual flower seeds, a good plant fertilizer, a good quality hand trowel, some good sunscreen and perhaps a manly sun hat that is not a ball cap. Or you might consider an edger either electric or gas. A weed eater is also a good choice but that will cost a bit more. If you choose a larger gardening tool like an edger you should make sure whether he prefers electric or gas before you get the gift so he doesn’t have to exchange it.  

Socks And Ties

This is an old standby for sweetest day gift ideas for him. Not every man will appreciate this type of gift idea however. But if he is a jock then you can get some special sports type socks to wear with his golf or running shoes that wick away any sweat. Or if he does wear a tie to work or on occasion then get him a clip on bow tie if he will wear one. This makes a change from the standard rep striped tie. If he like cartoon character ties then get him a few vintage ones perhaps.

Pet Related Ideas

If you man loves his pet then certainly a pet related gift makes special sweetest day gift ideas for him. If he likes to walk his dog then order him a custom fit doggie raincoat. To order one of these you will have to have the length of the dog’s back from collar to beginning of tail, his head size, the diameter of his chest at the largest point and his collar size. You can find them lined or unlined with hoods or without.


Of course, favorite edibles make a fine choice for a gift. This can include favorite candies that he has a sweet tooth for or perhaps his favorite type of beer or soft drink. It might be a special dinner at a restaurant. This is an easy sort of sweetest day gift ideas for him to choose.