One of the most important features of a hotel is its interior design and furnishings. A hotel is somewhere you walk into to feel cosseted and looked after in professional and luxurious surroundings and first impressions are vital. As a huge part of your experience of staying in a fine hotel, your immediate surroundings and furnishings should make you feel completely relaxed, even feel at home in and it is the hotel designer’s job first and foremost to achieve this.

Designing and dressing a hotel takes a very particular talent and requires professional people with experience and a real love of what they are doing. From the moment guests walk in, they should have a warm, welcoming feeling, somewhere they want to come back to over and over again. The same goes for the decor in the bar and restaurants and most particularly in the individual bedrooms and suites. It is in the bedroom that the hotel designer can really engage the guest with personal touches and furnishings that make them feel totally at home.

For this very specialised type of project, a very specialised and professional design company is required, one that comprises many components to cover all the exigencies of site feasibility analysis, planning, construction drawings, cost and project management. Add to this the requirements of furniture sourcing and specification, and interior design and you are looking at a very particular type of company.

A really good hotel design company will need to understand the brand, the products and services being offered and the target market. This can, in turn, allow them to develop a theme to clearly engage with the target clientele to make them want to come back time and time again. Sourcing the perfect furniture and fittings takes a real expert, someone who has an eye for detail, as well as a real feeling for dressing the hotel in the best possible manner. Mood is important but so are style and practicality, and a knack of keeping up with the latest trends is also very important.

Choose carefully when you are looking for a hotel design company who will embody all these concepts to be sure that you find a company who will make your hotel the ‘place to be’.