Choosing Sports Bras for Men and Women?

Wearing bras has been a sign of womanhood. Most girls have always loved the idea of wearing a bra because that is what women do. It doesn't even matter if all the little girl has got is a pimple. That is probably not the point. The issue is about imitating what others do. Sports bras have been very trendy recently.

That problem is that a lot of women dislike sports bras because they are perceived to be unsexy. The funny thing about sport bras is that most of the women who buy and wear sports bras don't even practice any sports. So why are they called sports bras? The reason is simple, top athletes don't practice sports in lingeries. Sports bras are designed to give more supports to women's breast so that these anatomical features don't get in the way of performance.

Why buy sport bras If you don't practice sports?

Men are probably to blame for this. How many times have women with ample bosoms said that they feel like men tend to talk to their breasts? If that is true is debatable. A comedian once said, breasts don't do anything but I am happy every time I see them. Why buy a sports bra if you don't practice sports? You do so because sports bras are the only bras that offer sufficient support. In other words, sports bras flatten the chest and make breast less protruding.

This helps women feel less conscious of their assets. It will probably also help men direct their attention to the face. The irony of this is that there are a lot of women wearing to cut dress so that men can talk to their breasts. On the other side, there are a lot of women trying to buy sports bras to flatten their chests. By the way, men hate when women have breast reduction. The case of Simona Halep is a good example of this.

How to choose the best sports bras

There is nothing like a one size fits all. It is all about trial and testing. You need to test a few to see which sport bra feels more comfortable. At times what is comfortable might not be the best looking sport bra. There are other sport bras that are comfortable but are very expensive. With that in mind, how do you choose the best? The best sports bras are mostly the ones you will not find pretty enough. They have been designed to support and nothing else. There are other trendy sports bras that are basically useless. These sports bras look good and are called sport bras but they do not give the needed support some women need.

You should look for sports bras that are adjustable. This is important because you don't want a sport bra that is too tight and uncomfortable or a sport bra that doesn't give you the needed support. The fact that you are able to adjust your sport bras will help in testing the best position for you.

If all fails, you can decide not to wear a bra. It will feel strange and you might feel uncomfortable having your bosom moving around. You can also decide to DIY your sport bra. That is to say, you get a piece of tissue and sew a piece of velcro to it to strap the tissue together. That will keep you breast in place but it will not be glamorous. That is what women used to do ages ago before sports bras or commercial bras became popular.

How much do sports bras cost?

Sports bras don't come cheap. They are of course cheaper than getting a breast reduction. You should expect to pay between $30 and upwards. If you feel disgusted that you have to pay that much, blame it on the men and better still get a man to pay for it.