What’s so special about teak?

Teak is a durable and dense hardwood that grown in Southeast Asia and India.  Since teak is a hardwood, it grows very slowly.  When buying this type of wood, make sure that it is coming from a forest that is harvested responsibly & legitimately (to ensure quality). 

Teak has a high concentration of natural oils which make its use for objects that are going to be exposed to the elements outdoors ideal.  These oils make this special wood naturally water-resistant and has been used for centuries in shipbuilding as its natural qualities require little additional maintenance.  In fact, teak can be recycled and reused after being used in a ship.  There are park benches in Europe that were built from teak reclaimed from old shipping vessels and are well over a century old. 

The natural oils in teak also make it insect resistant.  Termites and other pests do not come near teak, keeping your furniture pest free.  In fact, the natural teak oil is used in insect repellents, both in sprays and in wipes.  Products with the main ingredients being teak oil make an excellent alternative to other chemical pesticides in keeping your family safe from chemical pesticides.

Reasons to consider teak

Along with the water and insect resistant qualities, using teak for your outdoor furniture is a good idea because of its durability and maintenance free care.  You can buy a teak chairs and table set that will be passed to your children, as furniture made from teak is very long lasting.  It will resist rust, even when coming into contact with metal.  Having teak outdoor furniture is almost like having indestructible furniture!

Maintenance of teak

Teak has a dense grained-appearance and a rich, light honey brown color.  If you like the color of your furniture when you receive it, you will need to oil it at least annually (although some say twice per year is better) with a special oil to maintain the color.  Teak wood should not be stained, as the wood is water resistant and doesn’t stain well.  When buying furniture made from this special wood, be sure ask the salesperson to show you photographs of the teak in its “weathered” state.  After one to two years outdoors, teak will change colors.  It will go from the honey brown to a silver/grey.  The wood will remain this color without further change.  If you like the silvery color, you don’t need to do anything.  It will change on its own.  If you would prefer the brown color, make sure to oil the teak with teak oil annually.

Teak Chairs(112926)Credit: http://bestchairsdesign.blogspot.com/2008/07/spirit-song-teak-outdoor-furniture.htmlCredit: http://bestchairsdesign.blogspot.com/2008/07/spirit-song-teak-outdoor-furniture.html