There are plenty of ways to decorate a condominium for the holiday season; however, an artificial tree is nearly a must. Real pine trees are a great way to bring about the holiday spirit, but the simple matter of fact is that they don’t work well in condos! They are hard to bring in an elevator, usually tall, require a lot of maintenance, and occasionally leak water!

With all of those thoughts in mind, you should make an attempt to get your hands on the best artificial Christmas tree for your condo!

But what qualities does the “best” tree have?

Well that is a loaded question, but I have a loaded answer for it! The short version of the answer is that a tree should have all of the features that you are looking for. However, I have hand-picked the specific features that most condo owners are looking for in an artificial tree!

The Best Artificial Trees For Condos Are About 6 Feet Tall

There are a handful of condominiums that have high ceilings, but it’s not the height of the tree that will cause the issue! Taller Christmas trees have wider branches at the bottom of them, and condos are relatively small in regards to square footage.

In essence, one of the best ways to limit the amount of square footage that an artificial tree takes up is to limit the amount of height that it has! A shorter tree translates to less square feet being taken up by it!

6 feet seems to be the magical number! A 5 foot tall tree would simply look weird, and 7 foot one would take up too many square feet!

I would recommend browsing through the 6 foot artificial Christmas trees on Amazon before heading to the store. They have tons of trees for amazing prices, and you might even qualify for free shipping!

A Pre-Lit One Requires Very Little Maintenance

Let’s face it...part of the reason that people buy condominiums is because they are looking for a housing option that requires very little maintenance! With that being said, they are probably going to want a tree that requires very little maintenance!

I have set up the lights on a Christmas tree many times, and I can tell you from personal experience that it takes well over an hour to do it well! The best artificial Christmas tree for a condominium is one that is pre-lit! These pre-lit trees come with strings of lights hung throughout the branches.

The only downside to pre-lit Christmas trees is the fact that they don’t allow for any creativity or customization! You cannot customize the design, color, or shape of the lights on the tree!

Are you looking for a pre-lit artificial tree for your condo? If so, you should take a look at the trees on Amazon for some great deals!

Hinged Branches On The Tree Allow For Better Storage

The simple fact of the matter is that condominiums don’t have nearly as much storage as houses or townhouses do. With that being said, most condo owners are going to be trying to find a tree that takes up as little of their storage room as possible! After all, a Christmas tree is in storage for almost 11 months of the year!

There are plenty of artificial Christmas trees that come with hinged branches! These branches simply fold upwards into the center pole and lock into place when you are ready to put the tree away for storage! To top it off, these hinged branches are also easy to set up when you want to put the artificial tree out for Christmas! You must simply release them from the locks, and they will drop down into place!

At the end of the day, there are a few options when the time comes to choose the best artificial Christmas tree for your condo. However, I would highly recommend looking for a tree that includes the 3 features that were described above. Not only will these features allow you to have the maintenance-free tree that you want, but they will also conserve a lot of the well-needed space in a condominium.

There are obviously exceptions to these rules as well! I have met tons of people that have told me that they would buy “a real Christmas tree or nothing at all”. I have also heard of the odd person that hates hinged branches. However, the majority of condo owners will enjoy a tree that features each of these features!

It comes down to a matter of personal preference!  At the end of the day, the best artificial Christmas tree for your condo is the one that suits your needs in the best way!