Getting the right map software for business is essential in the age of internet purchasing and home deliveries. In this article we will look at some of the options and what you should look for when you are comparing which business mapping software to buy.

There is a wide variety of options available on the market today. All of the options vary in price, features and functionality. Choosing the right business mapping software will require you to weigh up these points to find the most suitable software for your business.

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Business mapping software can cost anything from a couple of hundred dollars for software like Microsoft MapPoint to many tens of thousands of dollars. When choosing your mapping software you have to make a decision for how much you think you will gain by investing in this software. It may be that you can start with a less expensive mapping solution and then upgrade to a more expensive one later on.


The functionality of the business mapping software you choose is imperative. The easiest way to keep to budget, and not spend more than you need to is to write down all the tasks you want your mapping software to do. By buying only the solution to those business problems you could save yourself a bundle, especially if a salesperson is trying to sell you the most expensive product.


Apart from functionality and price, the performance of the business mapping software is the most important aspect. The best software will be easy and intuitive to use, fast when using it and stable enough to be used for long periods without requiring annoying restarts or maintenance. With mapping software you want fast map loading, calculations and lots of commands and shortcuts.  Most of the different business mapping software options offer trials, and it is advisable you take them as you may need to choose software that works well on your existing computer hardware.


There are many options available for business mapping software.  Many pieces of software are written for particular countries or locations, so a quick search of the internet may find a piece of software particularly suited to your needs. Some of the most popular include:

Microsoft MapPoint

Microsoft MapPoint allows you to integrate data with maps, send routes to devices and offers excellent integration with the Microsoft office suite such as Word and PowerPoint. It also offers integration with SQL and other databases and is generally a polished piece of software from Microsoft.

Empower Geographics – MapInfo

This offers another solution and allows users to create detailed maps to help with making decisions and for data analysis. It offers a lot of functionality and many different forms of mapping including 3D views.

Geoplan – GIS Mapping Software

This software is focussed on the UK market with special tools for working with UK postcodes. It offers functionality such as route scheduling, campaign planning and more.


Choosing the right business mapping software is important. The best way of choosing it is on the points above, and by making sure you know exactly what you want your chosen software to do.

Have you used any of these business mapping solutions? What do you think is the best map software for business? Please feel free to leave a comment below.