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The christening of an infant is such a joyous and special occasion. This is a notable gathering for family and friends to welcome a new member into their credence. Commonly performed by a priest or clergyman. A christening can be a non-religious ceremony while the baptism ceremony for infants or newborns is almost always religious with a background of christianity or other orthodox religion. While everyone is there to witness this sacred ceremony, the godparent:'s actually partake in the ceremony itself.

Here are some special gift-giving suggestions to show you care. This article will be beneficial for not only ideas for gifts, but also includes links to places that can easily be accessed online with a range of prices that will fit your budget. Remember, no one is ever obliged to give gifts for a christening. If you have already given a birth present, an additional gift is not necessary.

Offer to buy or make a beautifully embroidered white dress, or formal wear, matching booties and bonnet. Give this ahead of time so that the baby can wear it at the ceremony. You may wish to cater a reception or host it at your home. Give a beautiful embroidered blanket or afghan to remember the occasion.

Gifts for christian ceremonies can include crucifix or angelic symbols on jewelry, books and bibles.
An album or scrapbook with the occasion, infant's name and date embroidered or engraved on the front, this can later be filled with photographs of the joyous festivities. There are small crucifix necklaces, rosary silver bracelets, angelic crib medallions and other angel related gifts.

Gifts appropriate for secular christening ceremonies are normally anything that you would give at a baby shower. Find out where their registry is and check off one or two items on their wish list.

Baby clothes gift certificates are always welcomed. Consider picture frames, baby clothes, talking stuffed animals or teddy bears, even a sterling baby cuff bracelet.
Give a homemade or custom made gift basket with bath and potty essentials, toy and educational media basket, or matching clothing sets are a few suggestions.
Gifts that are monetary are thoughtful and enduring: such as savings bonds, stocks, even take steps to start their first savings account.
When giving money or contributing to a restaurant reception, the acceptable amount is anywhere from $100.00 to $250.00.

Remember most of all, this is a day of celebration. So whether it is a traditional, religious or unique gift, it's always the heartfelt thought that counts.