If you are looking for good quality and affordable mascara, you could consider picking a Covergirl mascara. There is a wide range to choose from in differing colours so you are sure to find the right colour to suit your complexion.

The Cover Girl mascara range has different types of mascaras for different functions. There are some that are waterproof mascaras. This is the best choice if you are someone who tends to perspire a lot. It is also the best option if you are getting married as most brides and indeed wedding guests can not help but get emotional on such a significant event.

The most popular colour mascara is black but you can find a wide range especially if you are the adventurous type.

Choosing the best Covergirl mascara can be a straightforward affair. Here are a few examples that you can purchase really easily if you visit the online store at Amazon.com.

CoveCoverGirl Lash Blast Mascarar Girl Lash Blast Lash Blast Mascara

If you are looking to create a really dynamic look, then Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara is for you. This comes will a bigger than normal eyelash brush so that you can apply your makeup with ease and accuracy. The brush will help to separate each lash so that you do not get that lumpy clumped together look. This also aids in creating longer looking lashes with out the need to add false eyelashes.

This mascara comes in different shades of black and brown and at the end of the day, this mascara is easy to wash off by using soap and water.

Cover Girl Exact Eyelights Mascara - Black GoldCover Girl Exact Eyelights Mascara

If you want to make your eyes pop a little bit more, you could try Cover Girl Exact Eyelights mascara. It claims to enhance and brighten your eyes up to 4 times the normal level. The black and gold combination is best suited for women with blue, brown, hazel or green eyes as the gold tint reflects the light best for these types.

The patented eyelash brush will allow you to apply your mascara without causing clumps and is particularly good for women with short thin lashes.

Cover Girl Exact Eyelights Waterproof Mascara

Cover Girl Exact Eyelights Waterproof MascaraThis is a great waterproof mascara for women on a tight budget. It comes in 4 different colours including black and brown tones so is perfect for whatever skin tone and complexion you have. The actual mascara is black but they are interspersed with metallic flecks of the different shades, which help to reflect more light around your eyes.

The lash wand is a little bit thinner than the usual ones you would buy but this makes it much easier for people to use if they have very fine and short lashes. It is much easier to apply the colour without making a mess or getting specks of mascara on your skin.

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