Time-sensitive freight includes products or materials that need to be transported via ground shipping, air freight or on the water. Various items in the medical, pharmaceutical, and other various industries rely on fast delivery to their destination to ensure that each shipment arrives on time and in prime condition. In order to have a successful delivery of these items, an express delivery service is an invaluable resource.

Depending on the specific item that is being shipped and the distance that it must travel, van expediting is an option for some deliveries. These vans may have in-transit tracking and satellite communication systems that allow the shipper to keep track of the cargo at all time. The vans are useful for transportation of deliveries on the ground for exclusive use, door-to-door, and express ground transportation. Items that need to be delivered quickly, including Hazardous Materials that require special handling, can be efficiently managed. Specialized equipment may also be used including lift-gates or temperature control to accommodate time sensitive deliveries.

Some transportation companies offer air charter services as means to ensure the shipment of products reaches its destination on time. Some companies will experience unforeseen shipping emergencies that may affect the productivity of their entire organization. When time is of the essence, an air charter is a good way to ensure your products reach their destination on time.

Inventory depletion is another reason that companies may turn to air charter transportation services to make their deliveries. When an item or items are critical to your operation, they are also a part of your critical inventory. If you need Just-in-time replenishment, air charter is an excellent solution. In many cases, the delivery can be made on the same or next day or even for time-specific deliveries.

Even though the items may not be time-sensitive or critical inventory, you may want a faster delivery than what is available from a traditional trucking company. Hauling brokers may offer more options to get your deliveries made on your own terms.

When shopping for a transportation company to meet your need for expedited shipping, know what options you need before you make a decision. You can schedule your delivery for a specific time or provide a specific time range. Consider the distance and whether it is necessary to take the fastest option in order to ensure your shipment arrives at its destination on time exactly when it is needed.

The size and weight of your cargo will also play a role in which transportation services are an option for you. All types of transportation vehicles have a weight capability and dimension that your item(s) must fit into. The more options available, will ensure you choose the right method of transportation for your shipments all while meeting your budget needs.