Carpeting serves a pretty important function in a home's design. It is a practical feature that protects the flooring and it is also a crucial part of the home's interior design. Carpeting provides warmth and comfort and also serves as a kind of large backdrop of color, texture and pattern that affects the rest of the room's décor. Next time you're looking to buy new carpeting for your home, consider the following points.


Neutral colors are what most people tend to go for when it comes to picking out carpets. Earthy beiges and other such hues will usually go with any kind of color scheme you might come up with for the walls and furniture of a room. But neutral colors tend to make carpets become essentially invisible features of a home's décor, neither adding nor detracting anything. Brighter colors and more varied patterns can work to add and enhance the interior design of a home. The trick is to match the color of the carpet to the overall design you have in mind. Take sample wall coverings and paint colors with you when you go carpet shopping and match them up with different carpet colors to see what looks good. If you find a carpet color you like, take a sample swatch home to see how it looks under your home's natural and artificial lighting.

Fitted or unfitted?

Carpets that fit over the entire surface of the floor are popular in most contemporary apartments and houses. But if you want to give your house a more old-world look or if you want to show off some of the tile or wooden flooring, partial fit carpets that only cover certain rooms or certain parts of the room might be the more practical choice.

How much should you pay?

Carpeting can be very expensive, and it might seem tempting to save some money by going with a cheaper carpet. However, it's not really worth it in the long run. Cheap carpets wear faster and stain more easily, meaning you'll end up spending more money and energy on repairs, cleaning and probably replacing it than you might have originally thought. Buy the best quality carpet you can afford with your budget. While shopping for San Diego marble tile or carpet, Coles Fine Flooring offers a great service at an affordable price.

Should you have it professionally fit?

Yes, you probably should. Unless you know how to fit carpet and you've done it several times before, it's probably best to fork over the money and get the job done right by a professional. They'll make sure it is properly stretched so that it wears evenly and lasts longer.
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