Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. A day where music is played and family comes together to watch two people madly in love get to have a ceremony to show their love for one another.

Since one's wedding is so special, it's only natural that one should want to create a color scheme that reflects that special moment. A moment so breathtaking that you'll be able to relive that moment forever when you're flipping through your scrapbook in the years ahead.

Choosing a wedding color scheme should be the very first thing on your to-do list. This will be the foundation on which your wedding stands on. Once you've chosen the colors, the flowers, dresses and the entire theme of the wedding will be easy.

wedding bouquet

The First Step

Adding Your Favorite Color To The Mix

It's a good idea to start with a color you're familiar with: your favorite color. If you're the kind of person who prefers to do the planning yourself, this is the fun part. Start with your favorite color because this is one that you're likely going to be able to easily pair with with complimenting tones since you've probably worn your favorite color since you were a kid.

Even if it's two different shades of pink or blue. This can easily be complimented by other shades to complete your look. Don't pick something based on another person's decision or because it's what's the most common or the most popular. This is the time it's okay to be selfish and make your own choices. 

bride with bridesmaids

When In Doubt, Grab A Color Palette

You can always head to your local bridal shop and they'll more than likely have a color palette that can inspire you. Home improvement stores also carry these even though they're originally intended for painting. It'll just give you some great ideas.


color palette

Consider The Time Of Year

Red, orange, golds and other shades of yellow are great for fall while blue, silver and white would be ideal for Winter months. The season of your wedding can actually help you find some great ideas. Pick up some bridal magazines and flip through them. You may find something that resembles exactly what you had in mind or may even give you a place to start.

Green, pink, purple and orange are some great ideas for Spring season because they're brighter and usually give people the feeling of new beginnings. 

Ask For Help

Just because you need some assitance doesn't mean you're not the one calling the shots. Ask for someone else's opinion. They may say something that makes that creative light bulb go on. It's a rule of thumb for whoever is helping the bride plan her wedding that it's perfectly fine to offer their opinions but at the end of the day it's the lady herself that gets the last say.

Mom is a great helper because she knows you better than anyone else. Having had the opportunity to watch you grow up, she's able to see what looks great on you and she also knows your personality. There is a such thing as using colors to express your personality. Part of a wedding is being able to show everyone how great and beautiful you are.

Your mom has been around a lot longer and there's a good chance she's been to more weddings in her lifetime so she can help explain how the process goes and give you some tips that will help dodge any obstacles that may try to get in your way.


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