Two Different Flavors

There are two different types of contact lens solution available, namely multipurpose solution (MPS) and those that are hydrogen peroxide based (HPB). These two groups are totally different to each other, and each comes with its own pros and cons.

Multipurpose Solutions (MPS)

Multipurpose contact lens solution is often referred to as a 'no-rub' solution, a successful marketing tool that has prompted many customers to use it. 

The advantage of using this system is that there is only one bottle, allowing you to quickly spray your lenses before replacing them in the case. In other words, without having to use your fingers, this one-step system will clean and disinfect your lenses all in one go.

Research studies have found however, that the one disadvantage about using this system is that it does not remove the accumulation of buildup and bacteria from soft lenses adequately. The problem is that, as many brands of lenses allow for overnight wear, some for as long as 30 days of constant use, a large amount of buildup will accumulate.

The majority of eye doctors will inform you that, despite the instructions on the bottle, rubbing your lenses for 5 to 10 second periods before replacing them in the case, is very helpful in eliminating bacteria and buildup. In fact, rubbing your lenses this way will be remove about 90% of bacteria from your lenses.

Hydrogen Peroxide Based Solutions (HPB)

At one stage, using hydrogen peroxide based contact lens solution entailed more than one step, which made many clients reluctant to use it. However, the product has improved significantly, and is now popular with many users in America. Clear Care is reported to be the top favorite in this group of systems.

Today, these particular lens care systems are very easy to use, and their sanitizing abilities are outstanding. The product has never been recalled because of impurities, but mainly rather, for information about how the hydrogen peroxide actually works. The only disadvantage of the system is that it takes some time to provide results, due to the hydrogen peroxide having to be neutralized first, which can take a few hours.

The solution cannot be used to make your lenses wet again, and it cannot be used either, as a rejuvenating eye drop. As an overnight cleaner and disinfectant though, the HPB system is perfect.

Unlike many solutions, the HPB system is preservative-free, with fewer side effects, which is why many patients find it to be a perfect substitute.

Ask Your Eye Doctor

Should your current contact lens solution be giving you problems, speak to your eye doctor. He or she is probably familiar with several brands, and will be able to give you all the information you need, about your particular side effects.