Types of Guitar Stands

Whether you're an experienced guitarist or just setting off on your guitar playing journey, there will come a point when you need a place to rest your beloved six-string. Choosing the right guitar stand can require more thought than you may think however.

Having somewhere to set your guitar aside will help to protect it and prevent damage that could be caused by it being knocked over or even stepped on. Even if your guitar has its own case or gig back for long term storage, it is worth investing in a guitar stand to allow you to keep your it out of harms way on a temporary basis. Being able to place your instrument safely anywhere you want will also allow you to move it around and place it near by for those moments of inspiration.

For many years my choice for temporarily resting my guitar was to lean it up against its amp. While this may look (and is) cool, to tendency to knock it over was high and I went through quite a few sets of strings as a result.

There is choice of stands for today’s guitarist and a few different types of stands are available so choosing the right one for you requires some consideration.

The type that you choose will largely depend on how many guitars you own and how much you are willing to spend. The main types are detailed below.

a frame guitar standSingle – If you only own one guitar then all you need is a single stand. Some stands provide neck rests and some such as the Stagg A-frame guitar stand support the guitar across the back with the guitar standing upright. It is worth considering the possibility of you owning another instrument in the future. If you think this may be likely then it may be worth looking at double or even a multiple guitar stand.

Double – These guitar stands usually consist of two guitars standing upright back to back although double stands which store both your instruments facing forward also exist. Most double guitar stands will allow you to store different types of guitars such one electric guitar and one acoustic.

double guitar standMultiple – If you’re a serious guitar player or a collector or even a member of a band then you may require a guitar stand that will hold many guitars.  Multiple stands usually hold about five guitars although triple stands are available and some can even be encased in a box to allow easy transport.

Wall mounted – Not really a guitar stand, but a wall mounted guitar hanger will solve the problem of giving you somewhere to rest your instrument. Placing your instrument on the wall will also free up floor space that would other wise be taken up.

While not an essential piece of kit when learning to play the guitar, a stand or hanger can be a sound investment. Suffering the heartbreak of a broken or damaged instrument can be easily prevented with the addition of a cheap guitar stand. Keeping your instrument shut away in its case or bag may mean that you end up playing it less. Take care not to concentrate too much on the technical side of guitar playing and your talent will blossom.