Which deodorant?

Deodorants come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so if you are looking for a deodorant so you can smell better and sweat less there is a whole host of options. While the brands are numerous and plentiful the scope on this article is more focused on types than brands. This article will discuss what your preferences are and which choices are best for you.

Spray deodorant

Spray deodorant is easily applied and highly used at gyms and outdoor events. It has Deodorant spraya powder like feel and look to it, and can easily be applied before or after a hard workout. Spray deodorants are popular for these reasons, but another reason is because they can be used by others without issues of skin contact or germs. If someone has a skin condition and you are weary of asking to borrow their deodorant after a workout then spray deodorant is the solution. I also feel the need to point out that spray deodorant, depending on brand and type, can get messy if you just spray it around so be prepared to have to do some cleanup if you aren't careful in your application.

Stick and roll on deodorants

In this category we are going to talk about stick deodorants that you roll on. Typically this is the most common type and is the most frequently sold in stores around the world. The brands are plentiful, and while preference is a big factor here there are a few things to consider. The first and most important to me is the smell. Obviously you want to be applying a deodorant to your body that smells appealing to you and others if they get close to you, so when you are in the aisle pop off the cap and smell it first. The other very important thing to consider is if you like deodorants that are dry or wet. I personally can't stand dry brands and that's just pure preference; others may hate wet brands. These two things are the primary things to consider when purchasing

As far as brands are concerned, this is purely preference as some people like myself love Axe or Speedstick, but any brand can work as I've seen Old Spice do well and is popular with others. Regardless of the brand, the a

bove two considerations are ultimately the most important thing when making your purchase. Know if you prefer dry or wet applications, and like the smell and generally you can't go wrong.

Deodorant from AxeCredit: Wikimedia Commons

Gel deodorants

Gel deodorants are used by many people because of their clear drying application and ability to reduce smells. Gels aren't something I have a lot of experience with since I tried them once and didn't like it, but people who want a clear look prefer these types. They can feel a little weird because it's a gel so it will be wet when applied, but if that initial feeling doesn't bother you then the benefits outweigh that disadvantage. Another great benefit is the lack of residue on your clothes, as many deodorants suffer from this problem. If you have issues with body sweat and use other types of deodorant that cause streaking on your clothing then switching to a gel based product is much more appealing in this regard.

Other types

These are the three popular types of deodorant and while there are a lot of others, they aren't very common and you are not likely to find a lot of them in stores. Nevertheless I felt that it does deserve to mention them, though my experiences with them are basically nothing.

  • Solid and Invisible Solid: These deodorants are white powdery sticks that apply cleanly and dry. The issues are that with solid applications they can leave residue on the clothing and are also not very popular so they aren't likely to be easily spotted on store shelves
  • Wipes: Wipes are one time use products that are good for quick relief in sports and intense sweaty situations. Though in my opinion a regular deodorant could do the same thing without having the leftover effect of having trash to throw out.
  • Cream: Cream deodorants are just like hand creams where they are applied to the skin and leave a wet smooth feeling. I don't know anyone that uses this but they are out there, and they can leave that smooth feeling some may desire.

So many choices

Regardless of which type of deodorant you choose, you can't really go wrong with the vast array of types and brands out there on the shelves. Choosing which one you like is all based on preference, but the knowledge that there is such a variety can be pleasing for you to know. Do you prefer spray or stick? Do you prefer dry or wet? Do you prefer a great smell or odorless? All of these things are at your discretion and you can choose which one you like.