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It all depends on your requirements and the number of chickens you have, you can build you coop with different materials and shapes and the size would depend on the number of chickens you wish to have.

Usually these coops are simple enough and you can build one yourself, even if you have a healthy backyard where your chickens can roam freely there is still a very strong need for a chicken enclosure.

A chicken coop is like a house for your birds where it lives freely and carries out its day to day activity providing you with healthy eggs and meat. 

What Size of Chicken Coop Do You Require?

Usually owners built their own pen because they have the best idea about the requirements of their birds and keep everything in mind while making the perfect size of pen where all their chicken can roam freely. The people who are new at this may consult an expert before raising chicken, the size of a pen will depend on the amount of flock and how they behave with each other.

Before you determine the square footage for your pen you need to understand the size of the birds and if you have small chickens then you can measure the coop with 1 square foot per bird and if the chicken is a bit healthier and larger then, two square foot per bird would do the trick. If you don't judge the size properly then your chicken may get stuffed inside the coop and you will not get the desired results, eventually you would have to build a new coop so it's better if you measure the coop while keeping all the possibilities in mind.

Do You Need a Portable or Fixed Chicken Coop

You can build or buy portable or fixed enclosure, many people opt for a fixed one because then there would be no need to carry it to different places. A fixed coop is the best choice for people who just want to settle in at a specific place and raise their flock in the safest environment. A portable pen is ideal for those people who like to move around with their chickens and wish to raise them in different grounds. The people who are living on rent need a portable one until they settle down and even after settling down many people prefer a portable coop because they wish to raise their chickens in different places.

But you can't raise a big flock in portable coop because you can't move chicken that are huge in number so the permanent coop seems the perfect house for your chicken. With fixed coop you can fix all essential elements in the coop, you can have warm nest boxes and have enough space for Feeding and watering needs of your chicken. Both portable and fixed coop that come in handy at some point so stay prepared for every scenario.

What Kind of Protection Will You Need?

You flock needs constant protection from many external factors and many predators would harm your birds, so you need to be prepared for all of this. You need to build the enclosure with strong materials that will not be harmed with any outside force, so that the coop may stay intact even after some thunderous rain.

You also need to keep their comfort in mind, the last thing you need is to smother your birds inside the pen. Make sure you have enough breathing spaces to keep your birds safe and ensure its easy breathing, if you are residing in a dangerous place filled with wild animals then you may also consider electric wiring around the pen.

You need to think outside the box and think of every worst scenario possible and make the security arrangement accordingly, also keep your coop above the ground as many harmful creatures might dig inside the coop and cause harm to your chicken. You need some loyal pets to guard your chicken coop at all times, you have to protect your chicken from countless creatures like cats, owls coyotes and many more, though it won't be easy but with proper measures you can keep your chicken safe.

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Is Appearance Important to You?

Though the primary concern of the chicken coop is to raise your chicken in a tender and cozy environment but there is no harm in making a beautiful outlook of your coop. You can match the coop according to your house so that the coop may seem a part of your house, there are so many beautiful chicken coops available that you can select or you could prepare a coop by yourself.

You have to maintain your coop in such a way that when someone wishes to see you coop and chickens you could show them proudly. In the end it is not only about you but the chicken you are raising deserve a beautiful place to live, not only the outside but the inside appearance of the coop also needs to be properly maintained and cleaned properly. You need to arrange all the requirements that your chicken may desire and a proper nesting box needs to be placed at a safe height so that the eggs are kept nice and safe.

Raising chickens is much more difficult than it looks and before making this decision you need to be motivated and determined.