Not everyone likes to be defined by the styles of clothing they choose to wear. Some people really get into the idea of showing of their fashion sense though. Whether you buy only to cover yourself in public, or you actually put work and money into your fashion, you probably lean toward some type of clothing style.

Classic cuts and a reserved style characterize someone who appreciates minimalist fashion. These people look neat and clean, but they can sometimes fade into the background. This is especially true if they hang out with fashionistas or eccentric dressers.

Most people know at least one fashionista type of personality. These people already know exactly what they want to buy next because their favorite magazine or website told them what to buy. These are major trend followers. Sometimes they are seen by friends as trend setters as well.

Outdoor activities are a favorite for sporty dressers. Running shorts, t-shirts and athletic shoes are never far away from these people. Formal clothing comes out only when absolutely required for this bunch and the only fashion trends they follow are related to improving their athletic performance.

Do you enjoy being different? If you like to dress with some serious flair, you might be artsy. These people have a talent for taking what was old and making it appear new again by adding their own special twists. Artsy dressers are often not afraid to don some bright colors that call attention to themselves.

Some hippie retro dressers sometimes do not even realize that they are following any particular fashion path. They are just wearing what has been comfortable for years and years. Younger hippie types however make a definite effort to look like they just emerged from the early 1970s. You might even catch them wearing a fringed vest and jeans that flare at the bottom!

Anyone who survived the 1980s probably has their own special image of preppy fashion. "Preps" generally look pretty well put together, but there is a certain snobbish air associated with them. If you look like you should be on the front of a handbook for a private school, you might be preppy.

Feeling a bit dark and emotional? If you are wearing black skinny jeans as you read this and you have hair that has been colored jet black except for those brightly colored, long bangs, you might be emo. This is a group definitely works to get the look they want. Some people work pretty hard learing how to dress emo. There are books about the subject and everything!

Many people choose not to follow any particular style at all. They try to stay reasonably up to date with their fashions and generally stay right in the middle of the road with their fashions. Whatever you choose to do, do not feel like you need to dress some certain way to fit in with a certain crowd. It is what you have on the inside that is most important.