Lionel train sets

Just about everyone has a fond memory of that train under the Christmas tree. People of all ages still enjoy setting up a train. Lionel has been making model trains since the 1900's and still makes them today. Whether just to play with or for the collector, Lionel model trains is a great choice.

There are a variety of designs for these trains and sets. You can buy a set that is already to go. You just need to assemble the track. These sets are easy to operate and great for kids as they come with everything you need. The transformers today are battery operated and the tracks use the FasTrack system, which allows for easy installation. Most model trains are based on a gauge or size. Lionel model train sets often are HO or O gauge.

The designs for the trains are based on actual railroad trains. These replicas have all the markings and colors of the real ones from the past and present. You can buy steam, diesel and electric style locomotives. Lionel electric trains are available in sets or you can buy one at a time. Some of the sets will include the engine and three or four cars. The locomotives have smoke, lights, and whistles. You can always add on to any set, based on the size.

There are many Lionel trains to choose from. You can get the Conrail diesel freight train as well as the Pennsylvania Super Steam train. There is train based on the Southern Pacific Work train that has a boom and crane car. These sets include the engine, rail cars as well as track and transformer. You can always add on additional cars and track to complete your experience.

The company also offers many sets based on movies, television, and other specialty themes. The Lionel Polar Express train set is a popular holiday set. It comes complete with the Berkshire steam engine and two passenger cars. The passenger cars actually light up and has scenes from the movie illuminated. There is also an observation car and the set has four of the movie figures. It has the battery transformer as well as the needed track. With its smoke features and sounds, everyone will love this display. There are extra cars and characters that you can buy. Sometimes it is good to consult a Lionel train set guide when deciding if you want to purchase a vintage, prewar, or brand new model train.

There are other holiday sets for sale. You can get the Holiday Tradition Express set that has animated characters and features. Santa is seen waving and there are Christmas lights on the cars. Another Lionel Christmas train is the North Pole Christmas Central. This set includes five cars and the engine. It is painted in greed and red for the holidays and plays Christmas music as it moves along the track.

Lionel offers sets and trains for the collector and for those that love trains. There are many for the holidays as well as traditional train sets. There are many accessories and additional rail cars to add to your collection. You can purchase landscaping and buildings to complete your display. You can find many Lionel train sets at hobby and toy stores. Many websites sell Lionel products as well.