How do relationships change that quickly?? =0 How do best friends become acquaintances to strangers, and are quickly forgotten? No, I'm not talking about myself here. BUT WHY?

Would it be better then not to ever open up yourself to a friend - for fear that all these efforts put into the friendship will morph into dust once distance kicks in?

Would it be better to be socially active, yet be able to distance yourself so no one gets hurt at the end?

Relationships change, whether we like it or not. It's when, and how that is different. Does it increase in intensity, or does it deteriorate into nothingness? How much effort should you be putting into the friendship?

Does everyone hit a stage in life where you stop desiring a social life and settle into your comfort zone? That comfy little world where it only consists of yourself and family. That comfy little world that only requires you to socialize in official events. You know, that workplace you go to; that school you attend; those friends you say "hey!!! Haven't seen you in ages! We should catch up man!" but never end up doing it...

Friendship involves two parties, the same way a romantic relationship does. What happens when one party is decisively looking forward to catching up, to spending time, to reminiscence and recreate what they once shared; but the other is concentrated on the other life that is isolated from the former? Does it hurt?

I don't know... Friendship is an interesting subject. Sometimes you get friends that you never thought you'd have. Sometimes, the most unexpected people become the people most engaged in your life.

Aaaaah. The joys of friendship. Treasure your friendships they always say - but how many, can you hold on to - you have to sacrifice a few to maintain those chosen ones. Yes, I use the word "chosen one".

When God says we are the chosen one, there was no need to sacrifice other people. The only one sacrificed was Jesus, his only son.

But we're not, well, at least, I'M not, my God. I've tried numerous times to juggle every one, but there has always been someone, or some people who have been sidelined.

Then somewhere along in your life story, you meet someone you're romantically interested in.... and some friendships change.... and you sacrifice a few more...

Then you get married... Now you can count on two hands the number of friends....

Ooooh then kids come along..... the equation has limited space now.

And you end up with?

A few.

Isn't it crucial that you make the choice of the few left wisely?