Thousands of people have the dream of a cabin in the mountains. It is possible today to do just that. There are several mini cabin kits to choose from and many styles too. As the name implies, mini log cabins are often less than two hundred square feet. This also, depending on the location of the building, keeps a building permit from being required.

Several companies make the kits to build a mini cabin. One of them has several options as far as the aesthetics of them. Mountain berry, mini great western, owls clover, baby bear and even pine cone mini cabin. Each has its own unique floor plan and all of them are within the 200 square foot size.

As a rule these plans come complete with the blue prints and instructions to go with them so there is no need to hire an expensive contractor for the job. Some of the manufacturers also offer experienced support teams that can be reached via telephone that can explain or walk their customers through a tough spot.

There are different framing methods that can be used and chosen by the customer. Post and beam, stick frame, post and frame or timber options are available. As for siding there are a few ways this can be done too. Plywood board and batten or hardboard can be used. There is really no expected roofing option. The shingle, tile, metal or even glass could be used if the owner wanted. This part is really up to the customer. It is not reccommended to purchase the roofing materials from the same place that made the cabin. It will cost a lot more than it should and the extra weight will send the cost over the roof.

Most of the packages come with treated skids, floor framing, screws, caulking, windows and doors, deck framing and more. Every piece that goes into the mini cabin is supplied except the foundation. The porch even has a hand rail that comes in the kit.

Mini cabin kits come in larger sizes too but are not truly mini. They are obviously going to be more costly but if that is what is wanted the price will not matter. The finishing of neither the interior nor any amenities that are wanted are not supplied. This gives the builder a lot of room to decide on the decorations they want. Making this a home away from home is really the point so it should be taken on with care.

Tile, linoleum or even solid wood flooring would be very nice. Counter space or appliances should be chosen with care because of the space prohibition. Some of these designs have lofts and can be utilized either with a pull down stair or a standard one. The kits you choose should be the tongue in groove design. This is going to have the best connection and will show that the prefab is high quality. If the person putting it up has fair skills with building the whole project should not take more than a couple of days. In the end all that will be left to do is take out a chair and enjoy the hard work.