Once your website design is over you would like to publish it (so that the world can see!). To do so you need to upload your web pages to a web host. This is where the problem arises! With so many web hosts available in the market it becomes difficult to choose the best one. Under such circumstances it is always beneficial if you could get an overview about the best web hosts.

So to make the things a little easier for you, we have come up with a list of top 10 web hosting companies.  Do have a look at them before making your choice!

1) Hostgator

Apart from the unlimited space, emails and bandwidth it has a lot to offer you. With 99.9% uptime guarantee it could be your best bet if you are looking for something that supports you round the clock throughout the year (yes you got me right, it provides you technical support 24x7x365). The large number of website templates (4500) that they give free is sure to lure you. It also provides you 1-click script installs and adwords credit from Google (worth $100). If this also seems a little less, then think about the shared SSL certificate they give you (and that too for free).

2) Dreamhost

With 100% uptime guarantee it gives you access to unlimited disc space and bandwidth. It also offers you unlimited emails. This could be the answer to your prayers if you are looking for a custom DNS. It gives you access to CGI and the crontab. It also gives you support for Python, PHP5 and Perl. Also if you are particularly concerned about the security, then you should consider this as it provides you with enhanced security. The IP addresses that you will get here will be from the IPv6. It also provides you full root access. And not to forget the Google AdWords credit worth$75.

3) Hostrocket

It offers you unlimited disk space, bandwidth and emails. If you want unlimited e-mail or FTP accounts or POP3/IMAP with support for MySQL5 and PHP5 (with suPHP), then you cannot have a better option. It also gives you access to SSH and web-mail. It also gives you site back-ups (it is done via Cpanel). With 99.5% uptime and the excellent customer services, they are sure to give you the value for your money.

4) Hostmonster

If you want to start using your web site right away then this could be your choice as it offers you instant set-up. If you feel that the 99.9% uptime it offers is not enough to attract you then think about the unlimited hosting space, site bandwidth and email accounts (POP/IMAP accounts). Once you takes its services it gives you free domain (and this would be for forever) and site builder. You will also get SSH Access. And not to forget its industry best support (that is not outsourced!)!

5) Bluehost

It provides you 99.9% uptime with unlimited domain hosting, e-mail accounts and hosting space (in GB’s). It is in fact the best host for PHP (version5) and provides support for Ruby, Perl, CGI and MySQL. It also gives you great support and back-ups.

6) Justhost

Unlimited space and transfer (in GB’s), together with the unlimited email accounts, is what you want this could be your choice. It gives you Cpanel support and various free features like site builder, domain name and transfer, instant set-up, ad credits from Google and so on.

7) ixWebhosting

It will give you unlimited bandwidth, disk space and email accounts (the accounts will be on @yourdomain.com). It offers a lot of free features like domain registration, site builder, file manager, site tutorials and personalized domain names. Apart from this it will give you support for PHP5, Perl, Python, ASP and CGI-BIN.

8) Poweweb

It gives you unlimited bandwidth, disk space and emails. It offers you great features like DNS management, site builder and unlimited hosting. It also provides support for CGI, Perl and MySQL. Also it gives you round the clock FTP access and options for site backup and restore.

9) Fatcow

If you are looking for additional support with unlimited band width, disk space and email, then this could be your take. It gives you site templates and unlimited mailboxes, apart from the free domain names and transfer. The site builders they give are very simple to use.

10) Greengeeks

It has unlimited bandwidth (for data transfer), web space and e-mail accounts. It offers support for Python, PHP, CGI and Perl. Also it provides you with the CPanel. It allows for free site migration and site builders (not to forget the site templates).

Now that you know the main things the top 10 web hosting companies are offering, it is time that you make a choice and choose the best one for you. Remember that choosing the right one for you, can also save you some bucks!