To give your home roof a different look you make use of different materials. Some of the materials from the past have been shakes or wooden shingles, sheet metal or slate. One can keep those conventional materials easily enough, or change them up. The most popular material as mentioned for roof is the asphalt because of its price. However, if you to give a more rustic look in your roof you may choose wooden shingles and shakes. If you want it more refined try to use the slates. If you want to make your look unusual you can try using the tin roof, but its benefit outweigh its fashion.

You have consider the look know lets talk about the price. The price of the different types of roofing materials varies depending on the materials and style of the roof as well as the size. It may range from $70 to 100 square feet to $1500 or more per 100 square feet. Asphalt as mentioned above is among the most popular materials for roofing because it is the cheapest and because of the expertise needed by a roofer to install it without damaging it.

The most important thing to consider is the durability of the material. Based on experience and according to many asphalt is fairly durable for its price, but will not last more then 15-20 years. If you are lucky enough it may last that long. Then there's no need to complain about the product since you will get what you pay for. The slate, which is the most expensive material, will certainly last for century. If you have extra budget for roofing improvement and plan to stay in your house for a lifetime then consider buying this material. The less you need to call out a roofer the better. But if you plan to move out in the next 10 years it is better to resort on something cheaper than the slate.

And finally don't forget the roof support material like tin and other metal. Depending on what you get, it may only be 40 extra pounds to over half a ton. Just make sure that the roofer check how much weight can go up before you get yourself into trouble, burying yourself under rubble.