Not everyone knows what a fondue set is. A lot of people know what a grill is. That fact that you don't know what a fondue set is doesn't mean you have not lived. It just means you will begin to enjoy the finer things in life from now on. You have been wanting to buy one of those fondue set or the raclette Grill set and you don't know which on to buy. Furthermore, that fondue set sounds very foreign and strange. Welcome to the world of French cuisine. A fondue set is just a fancy name for a little pot in which you can melt your cheese (fondue= melted). Now that we understand a bit of French we can move on to the part that interest us. Choosing the best fondue set versus raclette grill set.

Why a fondue set?

For the most people, buying a fondue set is about being able to eat something different. Well, it is about eating your cheese in a very different "fondue" way. What if you want the fondue set but you don't like cheese? There may be friends and family member who might love to eat their cheese as a fondue. By the way, you can also put other things in your fondue set if you don't want cheese (chocolate!). The good thing about having a fondue set is that the food remains warm while you sit and talk at the table.

Which fondue set should you choose?

How big is your family? How many friends do you have? If you are single and don't have friends, you should get the smallest fondue set in the market. That will be for about 4 people. That will be handy in the case that you do get married and start having friends. For those who have a lot of friends, families and neighbors, a bigger fondue set is needed. What determines if a fondue set is for 2 people or for more? The size of the fondue pot and the amount of fondue forks that are included with the set. What about the heating process, electric or liquid flame? Most fondue set come with a sterno burner. This little burner adds a little bit of romance to your evening meal. There is nothing stopping you from eating a fondue for breakfast. A lot of people will say that is disgusting, but should you care?

What about a raclette grill set?

If you are a busy mother or father and you cannot be bothered to cook every evening, you can get a raclette grill set. That is like getting everyone to do their own cooking. If you don't cook you don't eat. That is the spirit of the raclette grill set. Not unless you like it raw. It might not be a good idea to eat your meat and chicken raw. The other good thing about a raclette grill set is that you learn to eat slowly. It also encourages good communication at the table.

Which one should you buy?

Well a fondue set and a raclette grill are not the same thing. There are good raclette grills combined with a fondue set. The great thing about this is that you get it all in one purchase. The fondue set with cast iron tends to be more robust than their shiny aluminium counterpart. Wimmeley offers a 3 in 1 raclette grill set with an incorporated fondue set. That is like killing two birds with one stone or killing two stones with one bird if you prefer. The price range can vary between $35 to $70 dollars. You can keep an eye out for discounts if you are into frugal living.