Sometimes the 16 oz and 22 oz travel mugs simply do not cut it; you should be using a 44 oz travel mug if you are looking for something that holds more liquid. There are a few pros and cons of taking these extra large mugs around town with you; however, I would still consider them as a “must have” for anyone that has a big stomach.

I personally own the Mighty Mug 44 oz travel mug, and use it on a daily basis! This article is designed to expose some of the pros and cons of a few specific travel mugs, as well as explain the features that you should keep your eyes open for. Travel mugs may not seem like a large investment due to their inexpensive price tags; however, you will be using the mug to hold your coffee, water, and juice for the next 5-7 years...buying an amazing 44 oz mug for travel is a much more important decision than you might imagine.

Thermos‘ King Beverage Bottle Is A 44 Oz Travel Mug That Is Quite Expensive But Extremely Durable

The Thermos brand is like the Ferrari of travel mugs; their products are rather expensive, but definitely worth every penny. The Thermos King Beverage is a 44 oz travel mug that will literally suit all of your needs. This Thermos mug is tall and slender, so it will fit inside of the cup holders of most cars. It has a twistable lid, as well as two thick layers of insulation to keep yThermos King Beverage 44oz Travel MugCredit: Amazon.comour coffee or juice as hot/cold as it was when you had first poured it in.

I will demonstrate the ways in which buying the Thermos King Beverage mug will save you money in the long run. Imagine for a second that you decided to go down the inexpensive route and buy a cheaper 44 oz mug for traveling to carry your coffee in; you will probably spend about $20 for a mug that will last you 2 years. Now, imagine that you had chosen to spend a little bit of extra money and go with the Thermos model; you would spend about $40, and the Thermos twistable mug would last about at least 4 years.

You may be thinking: $20 for 2 years, and $40 for 4 years are equal; buying the Thermos King Beverage is not a bargain! However, you must think about the additional features that the Thermos model possesses! The Thermos King Beverage is one of the only 44 oz travel mugs that will fit into a car’s cup holder, offers double insulation, and a removable cup to drink from.

Be sure to take a look at the selection of travel mugs on Amazon being sold at ridiculously low prices...These travel mugs are perfect for taking your beverage to-go, and some are being discounted at up to 60% off of their original price!

The Mighty Mug Is Meant For Outdoors-Insulated And Available In 3 Different Colors

MightyNew Orleans Saints Super Bowl Champions Stainless Steel Travel MugCredit: Mugs are part of a small niche market, and are solely sold on the company’s website; they fall in the middle of the market. They offer medium quality insulation and durability, but fall in the middle of the price range and will only cost you about $30. The manufacturers of this 44 oz travel mug have placed their main emphasis on outdoor use; this mug would be perfect to store your beer or iced coffee in on a hot summer day.

Immediately upon looking at these extra large travel mugs, you will notice that they are not very elegant. These travel mugs are not meant to be elegant enough to use in a business office; but rather, they are meant to be durable enough to be dropped onto the ground a few times without breaking.

Don’t Count On It Fitting Inside Of Your Car

Car cup holders are becoming more innovative by using spring loaded arms to fit both larger and smaller cups and mugs; however, there aren’t any car cup holders that are big enAladdin Blue Insulated Travel MugCredit: Amazon.comough to hold the extra large travel mugs. The Thermos King Beverage 44 oz travel mug is the only one that will fit inside of a modern car’s cup holder.

With that being said, even the few large travel mugs that fit into your car will have to be squeezed in. What I suggest is getting a 44 oz travel mug that has a leak and spill proof lid; by doing this you can simply throw the mug into your lunch bag without having to worry about it spilling everywhere. I would definitely choose an extra large mug that can be returned to the store for a full refund at first because many mugs only stay spill and leak proof for a few days before the o-ring seal fails.

The Mugs With Smaller Bases Are Easy To Tip Over

Buying a 44 oz travel mug that has a smaller base than top may seem like a good idea because it will be easier to manage; however, it may have detrimental effects in the future. The simple laws of force and gravitation make it easy to understand that travel mugs with small bases and large tops will easily tip over!

If you are sceptical about this fact, you can try it out at home or in a store. Simply fill up a 44 oz travel mug with some water, and give it a very slight push (on the top half of the mug). You will notice that an extremely slight push will cause it to tip; moreover, the last thing that you want is a lot of coffee all over your kitchen table or dress shirt.

Buying a 44 oz travel mug may seem like a mindless task to you; however, you should be putting a lot of thought into the one that you are buying. It will be holding your coffee, juice, and water. In addition, most people will be using their travel mugs on a daily basis. With all of that being said, the tips, tricks, and information that are provided throughout this article should greatly help you to make an educated decision. Whether you choose a Thermos, Mighty Mug, or other branded travel mug, you will surely be using it every day for the next few years!