Stroller is a notoriouCar Seat Strollersly complicated and most confusing product to shop for. Knowing a lot about it definitely helps and knowing where to find info you need can be as valuable as knowing everything about it. Basically strollers are divided into five different categories: Car seat stroller, infant travel system, luxury travel system, umbrella type stroller, and an all terrain/jogging stroller. With all these different types it is quite normal to have two for a one baby. I've seen as many as 4 strollers bought just for one kid. Therefore, in case you end-up with five, do not feel bad.

They can be compared to other everyday items like girl's dresses or backpacks. If you travel a lot you want to have a lightweight backpack which has plenty of rooming for carrying anything you could possibly need. On the other hand, in case you travel by airplane a lot than the backpack must be small enough to fit in the overhead compartment of the airplane. Therefore, a big backpack is out of the question. It is also comparable with a dress. You do not have one for all occasions. You are not going to go going to go for a walk in the park in a cocktail dress and you are not going to wear bridesmaid dress for clubbing.

Here are some things you should know before you purchase...

  • Around 80 percent of baby strollers do take a car seat. Some connect directly into the stroller and for others you have to purchase an adapter. In case you have a particular car seat picked Mother Pushing a Strollerout this will help you narrow down your choices based on compatibility of the particular stroller.
  • The standard maximum weight for strollers is around 40 pounds which on average is a 4 years old child. Very few go lower, however many do go higher to 55, 75, and even 100 pounds. Therefore, in case you have a big baby there are strollers to accommodate them.
  • You will not be carrying a stroller the whole time, but do not let weight completely fool you. For some people 20 pounds is heavy. Also know that if you are pregnant the stroller will be difficult to pick up. However, after the child is born you will gain some muscle strength.
  • Strollers range from $20 to over $1.000. Marketers know that a lot of people strongly believe that higher price equals higher quality and exclusivity. To be honest, this is true.
  • If fashion is your most important feature than you will be pleased to know that there are many fashion-forward brands on the market. But I do suggest that function is a little bit more important than fashion. But then again, it is your choice.
So, what is my final advice? There are virtually hundreds of strollers on the market so be very careful.