A Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planning Guide for Your Invitiations

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When choosing a Bar Mitzvah invitation, there are many options available.  Gone are the days of plain white or cream colored invitations.  Technology has created a world of choices!

In the past, you had two places to turn to when it was time to buy your invitations.  The first to go to was a stat

ionary store, where you could choose from the different invitation books they had available.  The variety they offered was limited.  Also, you were relegated to going to the store during the hours it was open, which may or may not have worked for your schedule.  You also had to pick up your finished product when the order came in, instead of having it delivered.

Your second option was to find someone who had had her own  invitation business inside her home.  Typically, these were women who stayed at home and wanted to make a side income to help support the family.  While she would carry more of a selection than a stationary store, you had to work around her schedule and not yours.  Pick up and delivery of your order would also depend on what worked best for her, not you.

While both of these Bar Mitzvah invitation options offered personal customer service, they also gave the customer unwanted sales pressure.  Could you walk into someone’s home or store, take up her time, and walk away without ordering anything?

While both of these options are still available for those who want the personal touch of a salesperson, the internet has made invitation options unlimited.  There is so much more offered today than a cream colored card!

Bar Mitzvah Invitations-Things to Consider Before Choosing One

Before you start shopping for the perfect invitation, you need to think about a few things.  First, what color do you want to use?  Do you want it to match the party theme?Pink Tree Bat Mitzvah - Amy Cartwright - Bat Mitzvah InvitationCredit: www.amamzon.com
What shape do you find pleasing?  A long rectangle, a 5 x 7 sized rectangle or a square? Will you have a graphic on the invitation or just words?  Does the graphic have to tie in with your theme?

Have you thought about the Bar Mitzvah invitation wording and exactly what you want to say?

Are you considering a layered invitation?  If so, how many layers?  Do you want a card or an invitation that folds?

If you are buying Bat Mitzvah invitations, so you want one that has sparkles, ribbon, bows or lace?

Do you desire lined or unlined envelopes?

Whose name do you want on the return label,  yours or your child’s?Is it important to have your child’s Hebrew name on the invitation?

Do you want a whimsical or religious  invitation?  Do you require a religious symbol, like the Torah or a Star of David on it?

Buying Your Bar Mitzvah Invitations OnlineModern Booklet Bar/Bat Mitzvah InvitationCredit: www.amamzon.comThere are many benefits to buying your Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah invitations online.  First, there is the time factor.  You can shop anytime of day or night that works for you.  In addition, you can take as long as you need when selecting the invitation, instead of worrying about taking up someone else’s time in her own home.

Second, there are so many choices!  You can create a photoinvitation where you upload one or more of you favorite photos of your child.  There is a wider variety of graphics and colors.  There is virtually no limit to what you can do when you order online.

A Guide for Invitations and Much More

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The Benefits of Buying Bar Mitzvah Invitations Online

Many websites have live customer service 24/7.  Can you say that about someone with their own business?  

There are also many budget friendly options available online.  There is no sales pressure to go up a few dollars, as no one is there but you.

Last, your invitations are delivered right to your door.  That is one less thing for you to do while in the middle of planning.  Just check it off your list when they are delivered!

Bar Mitzvah planning is filled with many tasks.  Choosing the perfect Bar Mitzvah invitation is one of the most important you will need to complete.