What is a Bead Filled Dog Bed?

A bead filled dog bed is like a beanbag for dogs, filled with tiny polystyrene beads just like regular bean-bag. Like a bean bag it only has a basic sack-like or rectangular shape, the idea being that the dog forms it into his own preferred shape each night.

Hygienic Dog Bed

The beads do not absorb water (or urine) and a waterproof cover can ensure that the bed is the most hygienic you can buy. You can even buy bead filled bean-bag with cedar included to repel insects and fleas.

Dog Comfort

From a dog comfort point of view, the advantage of bead fillings over other dog bed fillings, for example fluffed polyester, foam pieces, wool or hair, is that a bead filling will not form lumps or compressed areas, where the dog lies most often.

Wild Dog Behaviour

A dog turns round and round before settling down to sleep, as if it was smoothing down long grass or kicking up a nest out of dried leaves. If it does this over a period of time in conventionally filled dog beds, soon a predefined shape would form, and the dog no longer has the freedom to lie in any position, facing any direction.

In nature a wild dog would use new material each night to make a comfortable bed with a good look-out potential. So when it falls asleep, its joints are cushioned by leaves, grass or even loose dirt, and its anxiety and stress levels are reduced as it has chosen its position carefully to warn it of any likely attack.

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Credit: c daly

Domestic Dogs

A domestic dog lying on a carpet on concrete, or on a bed which can only face one direction has not got this feeling of safety. Many a dog owner will have observed their dog going to lie in an unfamiliar place, and then turn, and toss, and never quite settle. A bead filled bed can solve this, as the bed is a new bed each night. Comfortable, and the dog can face any direction. (I have seen dogs almost 'shaking' or 'puffing up' their beds to loosen up the shape),

The dog is also raised off the cold floor on in a bead-filled dog bed, which acts as an insulating leyer. And the slight height gives it a feeling of security, without being so high that your pet might get undesirable ideas of dominance.


Choosing your Bead Filled Dog Bed

Finally when it comes to choosing the bed for your dog, size is the main consideration. The bed must be large enough for the dog to lounge in at full stretch. In this way it can form a nice 'nest' in the middle for deep sleeping, or it can stretch out full-length, during the day just to watch the rest of the family activities.

Then it's just a case of choosing the colour and texture of your cover, and you have the perfect (bead filled) dog bed for your best friend.