Choosing a Bicycle, Tricycle for Your Children Huffy Green Machine

What does that title conjure up in your mind? You might be thinking something to do with global warming or saving the planet. Well you might be right but in the case you are wrong. The huffy green machine is just a fancy name for a tricycle for children. Why do they call it the huffy green machine? Well the tricycle is made by huffy, it is green and according to the marketing team, it is a machine. They are not like the conventional tricycles for children. These huffy green machine look different and if your child loves everything that is out of this world. The presentation of the huffy green machine is just what you might want to get.

Is the huffy green machine worth the money.

If you have $100 to spend, your child will not be disappointed. It has to be said that the green used in the huffy green machine might not be that appealing to girls. It doesn't mean that you cannot or should not buy the huffy green machine for your girls. It just means that girly colors like pink is not available. The title would have been huffy pink machine. That really kills the rhetoric. However, if your female child is the type that believes that what a boy can do, a girl can do better, you can also get her the huffy green machine. There is nothing stopping you from baptizing the tricycle the huffy girly pink machine.

Low riding the huffy green machine

The tricycle is designed to be very low. It is also good if your child wants to learn how to ride a bike and you don't have the time to teach him. The huffy green machine design means you don't have to teach him to ride the tricycle. That also means you cannot brag that you were the one who taught your child how to ride a bike. If that really bothers you, you can opt for another bicycle. Once you get through the teaching phase, you can get back to buying the huffy green machine. That will be spending twice as much but then what is the point of having money if you cannot spend it.

Safety and the huffy green machine

The fact that the huffy green machine is a tricycle doesn't mean that you should not think about safety. The low ride of the huffy green machine makes it easy to ride but as parents you need to make sure you child wears a helmet and avoid doing stunts with the huffy green machine. It is called a green machine but it is still a tricycle.