The Best Hemp Protein to Buy

There are many brands of hemp protein to choose from in the marketplace. Hemp protein is the ideal protein supplement, overtaking whey and soy because it is vegan, easy to digest, and contains no anti-nutrients or other harmful constituents (as soy often does). However, it is important to choose the right brand of hemp protein so that you get the maximum benefit. As long as the brand produces a quality organic hemp protein and you ingest enough of it every day, you are sure to experience the benefits of hemp nutrition. Plus, by mixing the protein powder into a drink (as is the intended use of the product), bioavailability is improved, and it is easier to consume more of the protein. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you know how important getting adequate amounts of protein is, and hemp protein is the way to do it.


Nutiva is arguably the best brand to get your hemp protein from. The only reason you wouldn't do it is because Nutiva is not available or you need to save money and get a cheaper source. But aside from that, you should always choose Nutiva as your hemp protein product. In fact, the founder of Nutiva was an integral part in allowing hemp foods to be sold in the United States, after the draconia Drug Enforcement Administration tried to ban their sales. This country remains backwards in many ways, but at least we have our hemp food! Nutiva uses the best manufacturing processes to preserve the nutrients in their hemp products, and they take great pride in their ability to create the highest quality superfoods. Nutiva is one of the only company that produces a HempShake, which is hemp protein blended with other ingredients to make it taste a lot better. Nutiva's brand is arguably the best flavored hemp drink mix on the market, and has gotten rave reviews. It's so good, many people can eat it straight without even mixing it in with something else! Nutiva is also known for producing coconut oil and chia seed foods, and the company specializes only in these three things.

Manitoba Harvest

This brand is the second most-popular hemp foods producer, and is found in many supermarkets where Nutiva is not. They seem to have a stronger in-store distribution network than Nutiva, although they are don't come up as often in Internet search results (but still relatively more than others). This Canada-based brand has proven itself to be high quality, so if Nutiva isn't available, they are definitely suitable.

Living Harvest

That's right, there are indeed two "Harvest" named hemp protein brands, although both companies sell products beyond protein. In any case, Living Harvest is another acceptable alternative, as they use organic hemp and a cold-milled process to preserve the sanctity of all amino acids and other nutrients in hemp protein.

Bob's Red Mill

You may come across hemp protein from Bob's Red Mill, a brand traditionally associated with oatmeal. While the company is very strong in its oatmeal department, and its hemp protein is likely alright, you don't want to use Bob's Red Mill protein as your go-to choice. Although most hemp is organic, there is no Organic seal, so you can't be sure, and it is also uncertain if their manufacturing is up to the level of other producers.

Nature's Way

Nature's Way is a company known for making vitamins, including the Alive! brand of whole-food tablets. They also produce an organic hemp protein powder. They tout their brand as being non-GMO, but this is a worthless claim as there is no existing hemp which is genetically modified. This brand would get the job done, but like Bob's Red Mill, you don't want to rely on it.