The range of cat flea treatment products can seem a little overwhelming. With so many to choose from, old and new, how do you decide which is right for your cat.

The first stop, on your search for cat flea treatment products should be your vets and any cat owning friends. They will be able to advise you what products are most suitable for your pet and your area.

Cheap and Cheerful Cat Flea Control

The cheapest forms of flea control tend to be the ones which have been with us the longest. They include flea sprays, shampoos and collars which though effective for some, tend not to offer long-term flea control. Flea collars are generally not recommended for cats due to the danger of skin irritation and the risk associated with catching the collar on a branch etc.

These cat flea products are fine if your cat does not meet new fleas often. But for cat's living in areas with many other cats, the local flea population is likely to be extremely high. In such cases a flea treatment with residual flea killing power is called for.

These cheap and cheerful flea treatments, may contain active ingredients which have been used for many years. If these are old-fashioned insecticides the fleas in your region may well have built up resistance to them. So, while older flea treatments may still work in some regions, they may have no impact on the flea population in your area.

Modern, Mild and Long Lasting Cat Flea Treatments

If you can get away with using such old methods of flea control, you will certainly save a lot of money. But, for most of us, in built up areas at least, fleas have built up resistance to older methods of flea control. Nowadays the most effective forms of flea prevention destroy fleas at multiple stages of their life-cycle so that there is never a new generation of fleas produced with immunity to the active ingredients.

These modern flea killers are generally much safer than older pesticides. They tend to contain ingredients which specifically target insect nervous systems but are unable to react with those of larger animals. These new, mild cat flea treatment products are often recommended by vets, but if you are trying to economise, look elsewhere before buying them. All the leading, modern cat flea medicines are available online at prices well below anything your vet can offer.

Never be tempted to use a dog flea treatment on your cat. Some can be quite toxic for cats, so only ever use one specifically sold as suitable on your pet. The modern, residual action topical flea treatments are sold in different sized doses depending on the size of animal. To ensure your cat gets the total flea control these products offer, you must ensure you use the correct sized dose for your pet's weight.

Although modern cat flea treatments such as Frontline for cats are generally milder than anything more old-fashioned, there are few suitable for use on breeding or nursing cats. Likewise, if your cat is very ill or underweight it is best to seek the advice of your vet before using any form of flea control.

Whichever cat flea treatment you end up choosing, the key to flea control is vigilance and regular use of flea meds. Keep an eye on your pet for signs of flea activity, and if your cheap and cheerful flea treatment isn't working, bite the bullet and pay for something which will. Fleas are not just annoying for cats, they can actually cause them harm, so it is important to target them regularly to ensure our pets stay healthy.