A Christmas wedding theme can be welcoming and warm. If you are planning in advance you can really save tons of money by shopping after clearance sales the season before. You will really need to make your event stand out from the typical holiday party. This is important just because there is so much going on this time of year that people may not even notice basic decorations. Instead you should just have a lot of fun by putting your own personal stamp on your big day.

The traditional Christmas theme would incorporate the classic colors of red and green or red and white. However you still want to make this custom. You could do this just by bringing in natural evergreen boughs and then using a dark shade of red, almost a burgundy. This will look a lot more elegant and it won't scream the traditional red and green theme.

Winter wonderland is another way to go. This can be quite modern and you can incorporate fake snow, snowflakes, or just go with a very cool and crisp color palette. You can go with any of the colors of ice such as gray, white, silver, blue and even pink and purple. You will want to just go with the overall cool and contemporary feeling on this material so it doesn't end up looking like a kid's birthday party.

Forest fantasy uses greenery. This can end up looking very country and can save you a lot of money by bringing in the kind of decorations that you already have in your home but just do them en mass. Focus more on twigs, branches, and trees for your theme. This can be geared towards Christmas. At the same time its very gender neutral if your husband to be isn't going to put up with a pink reception. It works with the holidays but at the same time it's subtle enough to be a theme that you could really do any time of year.

Elegant holidays adds a touch of sophistication. You could just bring in lots of gold accents, high quality linens and crystal. The Christmas element comes in with your color palette. Even if you are using roses go with a very deep red that will give an air of sophistication but still be a subtle nod to the holidays. This will be a little bit different than the traditional wedding but also a little bit different from a Christmas wedding. Try this approach for a totally fresh take on both ideas for a happy middle ground.

Another option would be to go with the idea of a gingerbread house. There are tons of Christmas ornaments and foil trees in various oranges, pinks, and lime greens. This will be a totally different color palette and idea than what most people are used to seeing. It really gives you the opportunity to just have fun at your reception in subtle ways.

Turn your favor station into a candy bar so that you don't have to assemble everything beforehand. There are so many different design directions that you can take this theme in, so make sure that you find one that fits your budget and personal style.