Colibri Lighter, established in 1928, has been one of the leading lighter producers in the market. They have faced a stiff competition from other elite manufacturing companies and have kept themselves constantly evolving, keeping in check with innovation in design and technology. This brand was the first manufacturing company to introduce to the world its automatic lighting device. They produce advanced lighters as well as a range of products like Butane , Pipe and Flint, Windproof, Quantum, Electro-quarts, Table lighters; Cigar Cutters and other smoking accessories. Colibri smoking accessories are some of the finest things that money can buy.

Many smokers may have had this frustrating experience of coming across the no-smoking signboard while out for their routine smoke break and they get deprived of their much needed dose of nicotine. It would be even more frustrating when a smoker is out for a smoke and finds that the lighter is not working or is running out of fuel. Such small incidents can put off a smoker's mood and leave the person desperate for a puff.

Colibri Lighter - End to smokers woes

Smokers may seek a relieving solution to their problems with Colibri. These durable and trustworthy lighters make a great companion for a smoker. Thes products are specially designed to endure the daily wear and tear. Unlike the other normal cheap plastic lighters, these ones light the cigarette with minimal fuss, even if they fall a dozen of times in a day.

The stand out thing about these designs is they allow a smoker to light a cigarette even in windy conditions. It helps a smoker to avoid any embarrassment of the flame going off while offering a light in windy conditions.

There is hardly any competition to these lighters in terms of its durability. They are refillable, and they don't consume a lot of fuel. These ones best suit the user's needs.

These lighter are available in a wide range of designs, shapes, sizes and flames, offering the users many options to choose from. They are a perfect bet for people looking for a lighter worth their money.

Colibri also offers multi-purpose lighters, which come with a stiletto knife, making them suitable for people looking for a lighter to use for self-defense.

Types of flames by Colibri:

1. Triple Jet Flame
2. Dual Jet Flame
3. Single Jet flame
4. Flint Jet
5. Flint & Pipe
6. Soft Flame
7. Reload

Barrington (Burgundy), Wellington (Black), CEO Lighter Silver and Gold are some of the most featured Colibri Cigar Lighters.

Quantum Reactor (Lighter Blue), Don (Matte Blue and Polished Silver), Crossfire (Burgundy) are the featured Colibri Quantum Lighters.

Sports Tailqater (lighter Blue), Ascend (Sports Black), Assault (Gunmetal) are the featured Sports / Outdoor line.

People can choose a Colibri lighter that matches best to their personality.

I invite you to check out the complete Colibri lighter lines, there are many models according to your own needs. They have even a refillable line which comes with three lighter fuel tanks for replacement.

If you want a more "utilitary" lighter, you may also be interested in the modern offers on candle lighters from brands such as Bic and Zippo. These are bigger ones, but they are perfect to use at home for different purposes.